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Zeiss binoculars are the ideal choice for anyone who watches birds, hunts game animals, or competes in sport shooting. Zeiss have earned a great reputation over the years and won many awards for their products in that time. They continue to impress with the high quality of their Victory and Conquest binoculars. Of course, that quality is reflected in their high prices, which make Zeiss binoculars some of the most expensive on the market. Thankfully, the prices have been coming down due to the intense competition that Zeiss faces from cheaper brands. Before spending hundreds of dollars on a new pair of binoculars, it pays to work out your minimum requirements to ensure you will get many years of services from them.

Carl Zeiss AG is a German company that was founded in 1846 and is still going strong today. That fact alone is impressive because there are not many companies that have been running for more than one hundred and sixty years. Zeiss is one of the leading manufacturers of optical equipment and has a reputation of making products of a very high quality. Their large range includes binoculars, rifle sights, cameras lenses, microscopes, and many other optical devices. In particular, Zeiss binoculars have long been the preferred choice for bird waters, hunters, and sport shooters. An interesting fact about Zeiss is that they also make lithography equipment, which is used in the computer industry to make processors and other computer chips.

The Victory range represents the top end of Zeiss binoculars. They are highly regarded because they have many special features that put them ahead of other binoculars. Their retail price is also high compared to other brands, but this just goes to show that if you want top quality then expect to pay top dollar for it. One of the outstanding features of the Victory range are their lenses, which are made from special fluoride-ion glass that gives them lower dispersion and color fringing. A few of the Victory models even come with a laser range finder built into them. This can be used to measure the distance to the object you are focusing on, provided that it is not too far away.

For buyers who want quality binoculars but do not want to spend a lot of money on them, there is another range of Zeiss binoculars that will be more to their liking. The Conquest range represents good quality but at a more affordable price, usually half that of the Victory range. Of course, the features of this range are not as exceptional as those of the Victory range but they are still better than most of the other brands around. There are even a few compact models that are easier to carry around than the larger models.

The main features to look for when comparing binoculars are the magnification and the objective diameter. These values can usually be found marked on the case, just above the eyepieces. For example, a pair of 7×50 binoculars has seven times magnification and an objective diameter of fifty millimeters. Often, you will find the field of view marked just below these values. Also called the field of vision, it is the horizontal distance that can be seen at a certain point ahead of the viewer. For all of the other features, you need to check the manual or the packaging.

Some of the other features to look for include the type of glass used for the prisms and lenses, the coating on the lenses, and the arrangement of the prisms. As mentioned before, the Victory range uses a special fluoride-ion glass that has lower dispersion and color fringing. The size, weight, and balance should also be checked, especially if the binoculars will be used frequently or held for a long time. If they are too heavy or unbalanced, the immediate effect will be tired arms but the long-term consequences could be back and neck pain.

If a new pair of Zeiss binoculars is not what you are after, there may be something else to interest you in the wide range of other products that Zeiss manufactures. These include monocles, rifle sights, laser range finders, and spotting scopes. Monocles are compact telescopes that are supported by a small tripod stand. They are mostly used by sport shooters to check their target after firing a shot, but they can also be used for other observations.

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