Yamaha AV Receiver

An AV receiver is another name for a home theater receiver. A Yamaha AV receiver is one of the better brands on the market. The Yamaha AV receivers are very popular with consumers. Yamaha receivers give exceptional sound quality and their reliability can not be beat. Yamaha AV receivers come in various configurations and automatic system calibration. They also support satellite radio and have iPod capabilities.

These popular receivers receive the incoming audio and visual information that comes into the home theater system. The AV receiver will translate the incoming data into picture and audio sound for the system. Without an AV receiver it would be impossible to even have a home theater system. A Yamaha AV receiver does surround decoding as well since surround sound is encoded. The encoding is designed for Dolby sound systems or DTS receivers. Yamaha receivers also act as a signal processor. It will process THX, bass management and simulated sound fields. An AV receiver that is THX certified is the best. A Yamaha AV receiver is an excellent investment for any home theater system.

Amplification is something else that is done by the Yamaha AV receiver. The amplification is what gives you that overall theater experience when you watch movies on your home theater system. Before you purchase an AV receiver from Yamaha you should ask the retailer where you bought your home theater system about how much amplification you will need. You should also take into consideration the ceiling height and square footage of the room where you will be putting your system. You will want to sure that you buy the correct Yamaha AV receiver for your home. If the one that you buy is too powerful for your system it will not be able to handle it.

The Yamaha RX – V363BL is a 500 watt, 5.1 AV receiver. It has 5.1 surround sound and can operate at 100 watts per channel. It also comes standard HDMI 1.3 switching, 2 in 1 out. It has all kinds of advanced features on it that can increase your home entertainment enjoyment. For example, it has iPod and Bluetooth capability and CINEMA DSP. This Yamaha AV receiver can provide accurate reproduction from your digital audio sources. It also uses 192kHz/24-bit DACs for all of the channels. You will enjoy outstanding precise music delineation. It also has a compressed music enhancer that refreshes your music through sophisticated digital signal processing. This means that it will improve the performance for compressed music formats. Music seems as though it is live like the original way it was done on this AV receiver.

Another fantastic Yamaha AV receiver is the Yamaha RX-397 100 Watt Natural Sound AM/FM Stereo Receiver. This is a 2.0 stereo receiver. It operates at 50 watts per channel but it does not have HDMI switching. The Yamaha RX-V663BL 665 Watt 7.1-Channel home theater receiver is another popular model. This AV receiver has a 7.1 surround sound system and 95 watts per channel. It does have the HDMI 1.3 switching, 2 in 1 out.

The Yamaha RX-V463BL 525 Watt 5.1-Channel home theater receiver has the 5.1 surround sound and 105 watts per channel. The HDMI 1.3 switching is 2 in 1 out. All of these models are available and even more. You can compare the features and find out how much power your home theater system can handle and then choose from the various models. If you are on a tight budget you can still find a good Yamaha AV receiver to meet your needs. All of the Yamaha AV receiver models mentioned can be purchase online or from your local home electronics stores.

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