Xbox 360 Memory Unit

The built-in memory in an Xbox 360 console unit can vary in size tremendously. There are some models available with hard drives while others do not have them at all. Having a small amount of memory in your Xbox 360 system can cause problems as you may not have enough room to save everything.

Some of the stuff that may be saved on your Xbox 360 memory unit includes your game profile, downloaded content, and music. If you have a large enough memory unit for your Xbox 360 then you could even save movies on it. The music can be used as a soundtrack for certain Xbox 360 games or listened to separately with the media player.

External Hard Drives for Xbox 360 Consoles
If you want to increase the amount of memory space dramatically in your Xbox 360 then you could purchase an external SATA hard drive. Internal Xbox 360 hard drives range in size from 20GB to 250GB but you may want to increase your memory space still. If you have an external hard drive for your Xbox 360 then you also have the ability to transfer files between your hard drive and a different Xbox 360. This is accomplished by using the data transfer cable. This can be extremely useful if your Xbox 360 stops working, you purchase a new one, and need to restore all the files that you had saved.

Buying an Xbox 360
If you have not already purchased an Xbox 360 but plan on it then there is one very important thing that you should know. That is, that you should purchase an Xbox 360 which includes a large hard drive already. No matter what you should avoid purchasing the Xbox 360 Arcade model as it does not have enough memory space. It may seem like a very good deal for the price but you will run into problems very quickly due to the insufficient amount of memory in the console.

It is also recommended that you stick with an Xbox 360 that has a large hard drive and not a small one. A smaller hard drive unit will not provide much memory space at all. For instance, if you purchased a console with a 20GB internal hard drive then 6GB of it would be used for system use which includes game caching and more. As you can see, the 20GB hard drive quickly falls to a 14GB hard drive which is not very large at all. Therefore, it would be strongly recommended that you at least invest in an Xbox 360 with a 60GB hard drive so you have a sufficient amount of memory for all your needs.

Buying a Xbox 360 Hard Drive
There are some hard drives which are marketed under Microsoft but these will be more expensive than the alternatives. You can find many brands of external hard drives which are packaged with the necessary firmware already loaded on the drive. The hard drive appears the same as a laptop’s hard drive but it has a case which makes it more visually pleasing. You can find Xbox 360 hard drives with different case designs so there should be one that goes well with your console.

In the days where video game systems incorporate digital cameras, drum kits, laser weapons, and more, the basic memory card device is no longer a sufficient memory unit for these systems. Anyone that enjoys to play Xbox 360 video games on a regular basis will need a decent amount of memory on their Xbox 360. This may be accomplished already by buying a console with a large hard drive but some people make the mistake of investing in the arcade version or a model with a small hard drive.

Once you notice that the hard drive is not large enough to store everything that needs to be stored then you will have to look around for external drives. You can easily purchase an external hard drive to use as either a primary or secondary memory unit for your Xbox 360. This is by far the easiest and most convenient way for you to increase your Xbox 360 memory space tremendously.

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