Xbox 360 Headset

Right from the off, the Xbox 360 has been one of the most popular games consoles to date. The graphics are fantastic, and the features are incredibly impressive. Marketers have taken advantage of the popularity of the Xbox 360, and have been cashing in on it’s success ever since. This isn’t a bad thing, of course. There are now hundreds of different accessories for the console, some essential and some not, but the one that most people will find that they need is the Xbox 360 headset.

The use of the Xbox 360 headset is for online gaming with the console, so if you don’t use video calling or game online with your Xbox 360, then you will probably find that you don’t need one. For those that do, however, the Xbox 360 headset is an essential accessory that you can’t be without. There are various things that the headset itself can be used for, and various games that require the headset in order for you to play the game online.

Firstly, the Xbox 360 headset can be used to chat with your friends online. You can do this by using the chat function. It’s not very impressive, as it isn’t much different than making a phone call, but it is a more convenient way of talking to your friends. Not only can you talk to one person, but you can also have group chats. This is more convenient than having to type everything that you want to say to your friends, and also a lot quicker and easier.

The original Xbox 360 headset is not wireless. However, it does have many impressive features, and as it’s made by Microsoft themselves, you can be sure that you are buying a high quality product from a reliable manufacturer, and also at a very reasonable price. The boom microphone that is attached to the headset can be adjusted for the best sound quality. There is a mute switch to allow you to switch off the headset whenever required. The headset itself is very lightweight so you can wear it without any discomfort. You plug the headset itself into your Xbox 360 controller to enable its use.

Microsoft has now also come up with a wireless Xbox 360 headset. Although this version is a little more expensive, it comes with more impressive features, and is probably a lot more easy to use during game play. You can control the volume, and the mute feature, by using the buttons that are on the side of the headset itself. In order to make the headset work with your Xbox 360, all you have to do is to press the sync button on the headset and it automatically connects to the console. The volume of the wireless Xbox 360 headset is said to be of much better quality than the previous wired headset that was available. Although, at sixty nine dollars in some places, the wireless Xbox 360 headset is a considerable amount more expensive.

As with the wired Xbox 360 headset, the wireless version is perfect for chat during game play, and also for having conversations with your friends. One Xbox 360 has the ability to function with four wireless headsets at one time, making multiplayer online gaming more realistic and exciting. Another good thing about the wireless headset is that it can work up to a distance of thirty feet, so playing with your friends is a lot easier.

If you regularly play online games, then an Xbox 360 wireless or wired headset will certainly be a wise investment. Also, if you want to start making video calls, or using video chat, then a headset is an essential item.

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