Xbox 360 Controller

Are you tired of your corded Xbox 360 controller? Irritated over all the cords and wires you have to constantly unravel just to be able to start your gaming action? Here’s something new for you then. You do not have to stay tied down to your Xbox 360 controller anymore. Now you have the wireless Xbox 360 controller to give you the freedom that you need. No more bulky cables and the need to plug and unplug your controller into the console when you want to play. No more of those wires to clutter up your space and living area either. It’s really great to have the freedom and the space you have when you use the wireless controller instead. These wireless controllers will give you the high performance capabilities that you crave. At around $40 a consol, you can’t go wrong.

When you go to replace your Xbox 360 controller with a wireless one, there are some of wireless controller features you may not realize are available. These features are going to enhance your gaming enjoyment and give you the edge you need to beat out your competition. First of all, you will be able to use up to 4 wireless controllers at the same time so you and three other friends can compete against each other at the same time. Your old Xbox 360 controller did not limited your ability and does not offer that option. The wireless controllers will also allow you freedom to move around the room if you want to. No more sitting up so close to the television screen or monitor because you can move farther away from the screen too. If you have one of those big screen HD TV’s, you will want to be able to move back and the 30 feet allowance is going to make it so much more enjoyable for you to see all the action going on in your game. Your old Xbox 360 controller does not allow that much distance so you are practically sitting too close to see all that is going on. Sitting farther away is a lot easier on your eyes too.

You and your friends will get 40 hours of continuous gaming pleasure using the controller’s optimized wireless technology. All of this time on only two AA batteries! When the batteries run down, just connect the Play and Charge Kit that comes with the wireless Xbox 360 controller set.

If you are home alone or just want to play online, your new wireless Xbox 360 controller will have a headset port for that too. This feature gives you fantastic two-way voice communication ability. You can really enjoy using this feature when you use it for your online gaming. It can transmit media to the bass unit. Your wireless Xbox 360 controller will streamline Xbox Live service, making your gaming experience more effective. You will be able to use the guide button to get to online menus and keep track of your friends. The guide button also lets you power on and off your Xbox 360 too. You’ll also have the advantage of being able to check out statistics about other online players and how their achievements are going.

Talk about an upgrade. After you use the wireless controller just once, you will never want to go back to using the cabled controllers. You and your friends will not have the hassles of untangling cords and wires or tripping over them. You can buy a wireless Xbox 360 controller from various websites online or go into your favorite video game supply store. If you don’t have a wireless Xbox 360 controller yet, you owe yourself one.

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