X10 Home Automation System

Have you ever considered installing a system in your home for controlling all the mains appliances and lighting? If so then an X10 home automation system may be something that would definitely be of interest to you. The X10 can control certain appliances through using signals that are carried over the mains power cables. You are able to replace ordinary light switches and mains outlets from a single switch. You have the choice to control your appliances locally or remotely via the use of keypads, infra-red remote controls, timers, radio and computer interfaces.

The X10 home automation system can be used for numerous applications around the home, such as:

  • The opening and closing of blinds or curtains and the random switching on and off flights. This may be used to give the illusion that somebody is in the house when you and no-one else is actually not at home
  • The ability to control a group of lights or appliances from one single switch point
  • The ability to use Internet or telephone controlling systems to control the lights and appliances from outside, or a fair distance, from the house
  • Controlling numerous lights from a single light switch from various locations without the need for any additional wiring

The majority of houses are specifically wired so that all the power and lighting circuits actually originate from the same point. Therefore by using an X10 home automation system you can control all these appliances from any part of the house. The X10 actually works by carrying control signals over the domestic mains power wiring. You can generate these control signals from many different sources such as plug-in controllers, infra-red receivers, radio and computer interfaces. The signal will then be detected by the specific appliance or light switch. The X10 also has the ability to determine the on/off status of any appliance.

There are various situations within which you may choose to use an X10 home automation system and some of these include:

  • Controlling the lighting in outbuildings such as a garage or shed. Under normal circumstances you would typically require two-way switching and a three core cable that runs from house directly to the outbuilding. Not forgetting that this would be in addition to any cable that you may already have installed. By using an X10 home automation system you are able to control the lighting and any specific appliances in your outbuilding.
  • Many people choose to merge two smaller rooms by knocking down the dividing wall to make one much larger room. However this new larger room will not only have two doors, but also two separate light switches that will control the lights in different parts of the room. If you want both switches to operate both lights in the room you should replace the light switches with an X10 light switch module. This will then allow you to control the lights with either light switch.

There are various different X10    devices and these not only includes appliances and light switches, but also items such as motorized devices (the most popular is proving to be the curtain puller), sirens, locks and other security devices, remote control transmitters and receivers, telephone-based receivers and computerized controllers and transceivers.

There are also a number of issues that you need to take into consideration if you are planning to use an X10 home automation system. These include not being able to use embedded lighting controllers with fluorescent lights and the X10 home automation system is not specifically designed for unattended remote operation.

Although all controllers and appliances are connected to the same mains wiring system the X10 home automation system is able to determine which particular device control signal should be directed to. This is done through the use of a “house code” or “unit code”. Every single appliance or light switch will only respond to a specific code/unit code combination. At this moment in time you can independently control a total of 256 devices in your home.

The X10 home automation system is without doubt one of the most convenient additions you can have in your home. There is nothing worse than wandering around in total darkness searching for a light switch however this should no longer be a problem as with this specific system you have the ability to control your lighting from wherever you wish. You will also find that the X10 home automation system is fantastic for home security and should give you some much needed peace of mind.

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