Wireless Video Door Phone

We have all heard horror stories of someone becoming the victim of violent crime after performing an action as innocuous as answering their front door. A hit man in Atlanta used the guise of delivering flowers to gain access to a socialite and murder her in cold blood. Other clever criminals represent themselves as utility workers, scaring hapless crime victims out of their homes by telling them that they are victims of a gas leak, when actually they are about to become victims of something far worse.

What do you do when a strange knocks on your door and asks to be let in? Nine times out of ten, the strange is there for a perfectly innocuous reason. Perhaps he is a door to door salesman or a good Samaritan collecting money for charity. But who can take that chance that you will open the door to that one unkind person who plans to take your money or worse? These types of situations are where a wireless video door phone comes in handy.

Many people use peepholes to vet people before letting them into the house, but how well can you really see through that tiny fish-eyed hole? Someone could be dressed as a utility worker while holding a gun viciously behind their backs. Another tried and true method is the old “who is it?” But how often will someone with evil intent actually respond, “It’s a robber. You’d be safer not opening the door.” Bu with a wireless video door phone, you do not have the same insecurities you would have using these old, low tech security methods.

Installing a wireless video door phone significantly increases your chance of only greeting safe visitors. When you have a wireless video door phone installed, every time a visitor rings the doorbell, an image of them appears on the screen located safely within your home. You can then hold a two-way conversation with the visitor where you will be able to gauge his intent while looking at him. If he says he’s with the cable company, but keeps putting his hand suspiciously in his pocket, then you have all the clues you need to call the police. And it’s all thanks to your wireless video door phone.

Wireless video door phones do not only activate when someone rings the bell. They can be used continuously to monitor goings on outside your home. This can be especially helpful if you are a celebrity or public figure or if you live in a dangerous neighborhood where crime runs rampant. Wireless video door phones also transmit over 300 feet within line of site, allowing you a great view from outside your home. It’s always a good idea to check with your wireless video door phone before leaving the premises in case something that you cannot hear or see from your window is afoot outside the security of your home.

Wireless video door phones are also not limited to day time hours. After all, when do burglars, rapists and murders most like to strike if not in the dead of night? Infrared camera technology with your wireless door phone allows you to monitor visitor’s faces and visual cues, as well as goings-on outside your dwelling even in the dead of night.

Wireless video door phones are also commonly used in office settings. Often offices are home to highly prized or secure information or to people who might be on the victim list of hit men or other notorious criminals. With a wireless video door phone, office workers can feel safe and secure enough to get their work done without worrying if the next person to step through that door will be a criminal.

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