Wireless TV

Wireless TV is really catching on these days. In fact, in the not to distant future, traditional wired TV’s will be a thing of the past. This is all due to WiFi wireless technology.

WiFi has made it possible for wireless TV to be streamed over the internet without using wires of any kind. A lot of people these days are opting to go for it because wireless is the wave of the future. They get all of their TV off of the internet. Some people just watch their wireless TV on their desktop or laptop. However, other people would prefer to have their wireless TV mounted on a wall. In the past, the problem with a TV on the wall was that the wires and cables were seen and the look of the room was ruined because of all the clutter of wires.

Wireless TV technology today has made it possible for there to be no wires needed when wireless enable televisions are mounted on the wall. People love the flat-panel HDTVs and are willing to pay extra for them and even more for a wireless HDTV that can be mounted on the wall. Samsung and other manufactures have scrambled to meet the ever growing market for televisions without wires.

Samsung’s first big screen wireless TV entered the market with the intent to make wireless installations easier and a lot less expensive than they used to be. All that is needed is a cord connected to the AC power supply. Their A/V center can be placed up to 300 feet away from the HDTV panel. Communication between the panel and the A/C center uses 802.11 wireless standard. The bit rates are up to 150 Mbps.

Another well known brand, LG, has come out with their very first wireless HDTV with an LCD screen in their LH series. It has a “media box” which has been recently developed to include an LCD TV tuner and HDMI hub. HD video content is wirelessly streamed onto the screen with a transmitter that beams the content onto the TV screen. It also has USB ports that allow you to play back video clips using an external USB flash or hard drive. The screen sizes that it comes in are 42-inch, 47-inch and 55-inch.

Television manufacturers have developed technology to fully integrate their new TV’s with content on the internet. Vizio has also become a big player in wireless TV technology and is offering WiFi as well as media stream capability on their wireless televisions. Some big time internet companies are beginning to push content onto wireless TV now too. These companies include Yahoo, NetFlix, MySpace, Amazon and Flickr.

Britain has already begun to leave traditional TV behind and America will soon be catching up with them. Wireless signals are sent through walls by means of a transmitter and receiver. People enjoy the flexibility they have with a wireless TV. No wires have to be run along the walls just to connect the video source and video display. The receiver can be placed in different locations in your home. You do not even need another cable box or dvd player. You can watch the video in another room if you have a wireless TV in it. A two story home can have a TV downstairs and upstairs and be watching the same dvd at the same time. That is because the signal penetrates floors and walls without the need for the transmitter and receiver to be near each other. You can even transmit a live TV broadcast into your garage or out to a patio area. Wireless TV makes television viewing more convenient.

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