Wireless Smoke Alarms

A wireless smoke alarm is an easy to install device and can help to protect your family in the event of a fire in your home. They do not require an electrician to install and have no wiring that needs to be connected to a power supply. It is recommended that you link wireless smoke alarms together so that when one of them detects smoke and fire the others are activated. This gives you the ability to ensure that everyone in your home is alerted of a fire and allows you to get everyone out of the house safely. When you place the alarms in strategic positions around your home you are basically setting up a complete fire alarm system.

You can also link these alarms to remote areas of your home like outbuildings and detached garages. The alarms themselves are very inexpensive and will give you peace of mind. If you do not currently have smoke detectors in your home then now is a good time to get them. Using a series of interconnected wireless smoke alarms gives you added protection against the risk of smoke inhalation and fire and since they operate on battery power they will continue their protection even during a power outage. Smoke detectors typically have battery power to last for one full year. It is recommended that you change the batteries in your detectors at least once and preferably twice each year to ensure that they are always working correctly. It is also recommended that you do a test on the smoke alarms every month to ensure that the alarms are sounding correctly.

A wireless smoke alarm will give off an 85 decibel alarm in most cases. Most models are the same when it comes to the capabilities and alarm sounds. This sound will easily wake up even the heaviest of sleepers so placing them outside bedrooms and in other areas is a good idea. You should have one smoke alarm for every room in your house minus the bathroom and kitchen since these areas normally have smoke and/or steam and can trigger a false alarm regularly. When testing your wireless smoke alarm look for the testing button. All alarms have a touch button that allows you to test to ensure that the batteries are fully charged and that the sound can be heard easily. If you have your alarms interconnected you may notice a red LED light flashing when the alarm beeps. This means that one of the alarms on your system is activated. It could also mean that there is a malfunction or a low battery in one of the alarms. If you do not detect smoke yourself then you should check the other alarms to determine the problem. Green LED lights typically mean that the alarms are in good working order or could possibly mean that this is the alarm that was activated so you should check the alarm and the battery to ensure that it is fully charged.

A wireless smoke alarm typically has a ten year lifespan and offers an indicator that will alert you of when it needs to be replaced. If you do not replace your batteries regularly you will notice small chirping sounds coming from the alarms when the batteries are low alerting you to change them soon. There is also a unique identifier on each wireless smoke detector that will keep smoke alarms in other homes nearby you from triggering your alarms. This is a good feature if you live in a condominium or apartment. Replacing the batteries is a fairly easy task. You simply have to twist off the front of the alarm and replace the battery. Wireless smoke detectors offer many different advantages and are a very expensive way to ensure that your family is safe from fire and smoke inhalation. When a fire breaks out in a home, there are normally mere minutes to escape before smoke begins taking over. A wireless smoke alarm will enable you to get yourself and your family out of the home quickly, potentially saving lives.

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