Wireless Remote Extender

There are numerous moments when people find themselves in predicaments where the range of their remote control is not enough for the job. It may be in circumstances where the device is set up in one room but the main controls are left in another. The user may have their remote control with them but unfortunately they are too far away for the remote to have any sort of effect. It would be too much of a hassle for them to keep walking between rooms to control the device. In such a case, it is a wise decision to install a wireless remote extender.

A wireless remote extender exactly what its name may suggest – increase the working range of a remote control. These extenders work using radio waves of 418 MHz frequency to transfer the commands that are inputted using the remote. This frequency enables them to carry the signals through ceilings and walls of households. They receive the commands which are then amplified and transmitted which then effectively increases the total distance covered by the remote. There are also many models that have separate transmitters and receivers which receive the command at one end and transmit them at the other. This is particularly useful when the devices that are to be controlled are all in one area. Remote extenders are not only limited to stereo remotes. They can work for almost any remote such as TV remotes.

Nowadays, there are many wireless remote extenders available, but few of them are actually worth the cost. One of the top remote extenders is the Audiovox Lfirx Terk Remote Control Extender. The device contains two units, a transmitter and a receiver. It converts the IR commands into long range RF signals which are able to pass through walls and floors to allow any device to be controlled from almost anywhere in the house. It has been found to be one of the easiest to use remote extender than any other. It is only a matter of removing them from the box, plugging them into the proper rated power supply and they are ready to use. Terk remote extender is available at 40$ though it may be found for less if searched thoroughly.

Another popular remote extender is the Jensen JDSCIR100 remote control extender. This extender incorporates the use if IR rays to transmit the command from the receiver to the transmitter toe effectively turn any regular IR remote control into a wireless control. This is done by the two units that receive the IR rays from the remote, transfer them through walls and ceilings to the transmitter, which then transmit the rays to the required device. The two units are able to operate from a 100 feet apart which allows the user to control anything from anywhere in the house. The JDSCIR100 is available for about 25$.

Last, but not the least, the Logitech Harmony RF Wireless Extender. Logitech has been known for decades to produce quality electronic devices, and their wireless remote extenders are no exception of their superior technology. The Harmony has a range of a hundred feet and also has the Green Compliance. The product requires some installation using a computer; it is quite a simple task because of the highly detailed installation guide that is provided. The product comes with an AC adapter, 4 Infrared emitters, an installation CD and an installation guide. Though the Harmony RF costs more than other range extenders, at about $85, they provide excellent value for money.

Considering any and all aspects of wireless remote extenders, they are a useful investment. In any case where the normal range of a remote control is insufficient, the user should opt for a range extender rather than choosing any other costly solutions.

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