Wireless Projector Adapter

A wireless projector is a type of projector that will typically receive signals from its source (usually a PC or laptop) without the need to ever use cables. The main advantages of a wireless projector are that they have no cabling issues and, therefore, you are able to have a longer distance between the source and the projector. You will also find that a wireless projector is far easier to install and obviously is a lot tidier. This technology will ensure that switching between multiple sources such as a PC or laptop is much easier. This will also mean that during a presentation you are able to be far more mobile and there is no need to be as close to the projector.

There are two types of wireless projectors available and these are real time and upload wireless projectors. With a real time wireless projector there will be a constant wireless link between both the projector and the source, therefore, the image will be shown in real time. With an upload wireless projector there is no longer a need for a source such as a PC or a laptop. You need to upload files to the projector and these will be displayed at a later time.

There are limitations to wireless projectors that you should be aware of. These include that there is a minor delay whilst the projector interprets the wireless signal. There are also certain bandwidth limitations which will cause a real-time projector to be unable to display a full motion video. However, with that said, wireless technology is improving each and every day and there will, no doubt, be a solution to this problem very soon.

There are two ways to use a wireless projector and these are via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A wireless projector will typically be equipped with a wireless card and the source (your laptop or PC) is required to have a wireless card in order to effectively communicate with the projector. However, the majority of laptops have the ability to store wireless cards and they are very easy to install.

The most important aspect of using a wireless projector is that you are going to require a wireless projector adapter. There are various wireless projector adapters and they are available in many makes and models. You will actually find that using a wireless projector adapter as opposed to using a conventional projector will save you a lot of money in the long run. You will also be able to broadcast anywhere in the room and other people will additionally be able to have access to the same projector.

Wireless projector adapters will typically come in two pieces. One piece will need to be connected to your laptop or PC, while the other will connect directly to your projector. The adapter makes use of a small battery that is able to send a signal from the source to a projector. As mentioned, there are various types of wireless projectors adapters and the cost will very much depend on which type you choose to purchase. The least expensive wireless projector adapters retail at under $100, whereas the more expensive models cost well in excess of $2000. This will very much depend on your specific needs and the overall quality that you require.

The majority of popular brands produce wireless projector adapters and these include Canon, Epsom, InFocus, Dell, NEC and Sanyo. There are many types of adapters to choose from which include wireless VGA, wireless USB printer adapters, projector video wireless and wireless computer to TV adapters. There are also many additional accessories you may wish to purchase in addition to a wireless projector adapter such as video accessories and signal converters.

You will find that wireless projector technology has come a long way in recent years. This is especially noticeable due to the fact that many ultra portable projectors have begun to flood the market. This is basically due to the very high demand for these units. These units are so portable, that in fact certain models such as, the Samsung SP-P300ME wireless projector weigh as little as 600 grams. There are numerous other models of wireless projectors produced by companies such as Hitachi, NEC, Toshiba and Acer that are portable and weigh less than a few kilograms. These types of wireless projectors are ideal if you need to travel light will have a lack of storage space.

In order to attach a wireless projector adapter to your laptop, you should initially close all programs and shutdown your laptop. You should notice that the wireless projector adapter has a USB at one end and this should be connected into the corresponding jack found on the side of your laptop. Then turn on your laptop and simply follow the command prompts which will enable you to acquire a wireless signal from the projector adapter. Once the connection has been properly set this will enable you to wirelessly stream any media from your laptop directly onto a projector.

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