Wireless Presenter

People today, have become increasingly dependent on science, technology and the comforts derived from them. As this comfort is realized, expectations from the world and people in it rise as well. Job performance and expectation has escalated as well, in response to technological advancements. Employers and consumers alike expect and even demand more, and employees are hard pressed to continuously outdo both themselves and not to mention each other.

As a public speaker, business man or even a professor, many individuals face the need to give speeches or presentations on a daily or regular basis. In today’s high-tech era, laptops, notebooks and other gadgets help us on our quest for innovation and perfections. The wireless presenter is one more tool at our disposal.

The wireless pointer is a device that allows a presenter to move about freely and change slides and videos at his will from any location within the room. So, instead of remaining anchored to the podium or pc-side, the presenter can move about and give their speech more animatedly and even interactively. This, in change, animates the audience and encourages a more interested and interactive audience. Presentations that allow such interchange between the presenter and the audience are seen to be more efficient and effective in delivering its ‘message’ to said audience.

This nifty little device is easily installed into any presentation device, computer or otherwise. The only thing that needs to be done is, to hook up the transmitter. Then by following the installation wizard, the device installation can be finalized. Then, the device is ready for use. The compact size of the wireless presenter makes storage simple and its use efficient. Now, there is no longer any need to loiter around the podium, remain tethered to the dais or even rush back and forth, to and from the computer table to change a slide or adjust the presentation visuals in any way. Highlighting topics, changing slides, scrolling through pages, starting and stopping videos and audio tracks, opening and closing presentations are all tasks that can be done using a wireless presenter. The speaker is free to do all of that from any point in the room that is convenient at the moment, all thanks to the wireless presenter.

At present there are three different types of technologies available to wireless presenter users – USB, FR and Bluetooth technology. All of these gadgets enable and allow a 10 meter radius of use. Also, these gadgets can be powered for days on a simple set of batteries.

International brands like Logitech, Nokia, Apple, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, LG, HP, Microsoft, Targus and many others now supply their own presenters to users. While it should be kept in mind that not all wireless pointer devices are adaptable to all laptops and devices, some ‘universal’ wireless pointers can be found in the market. Users should be careful to select the wireless pointer that best suits their original device. Some brands, like Nokia, have even produced software that allows certain mobile phones to act as wireless presenters.

Wireless presenters take us one step forward in to the future of business and worldwide marketing. Such technological advancements help us make speeches and presenters better and more interesting. As a result, creating a hype and generating overall interest in an otherwise stagnant audience has become easier and easier. This helps business to expand and market their products in a better and more efficient way. Students are drawn into more interactive learning procedures that help them stay focused and learn more. In short, the world is evolving quickly and more radically into an automated and high-tech era.

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