Wireless Network Converter

Do you have a wired Ethernet equipped device that you want to make a part of your wireless network devices? If so, you need a wireless network converter to do it. A wireless network converter, also known as a bridge, will connect game consoles, computers and other such devices so that they can share the same high-speed network connection. Ethernet wired printers, scanners, cameras and notebooks as well as your desktop pc can be converted into a wireless network device.

There is no need for drivers, you just plug the wireless network converter into your device and configure the network settings. People use a wireless network converter or wireless Ethernet bridge as a way to connect remote areas together. There is not need for a driver and it can work for any platform and any operating system.

A wireless network converter will allow several people at a time to be connected to the LAN. You will be able to share files and folders anywhere in the house. There is no need for CDs or flash drives when you have a wireless converter. You just share them over the network. Up to four wired devices can be converted to wireless if you have a wireless converter.

Suppose your desktop does not communicate via Wi-Fi and you want it to be able to. Instead of installing an internal card for this, you can just buy a wireless network converter, also known as a wireless Ethernet bridge, to accomplish the task for you. A wireless network converter allows you to use your Ethernet cables to bridge the connection to a wireless network. The wireless network converter will transmit the output from connected devices wirelessly and at the same time it will take incoming Wi-Fi signals and transmit them to the devices.

Before you buy a wireless network converter, make sure it is 802.11g supported or Draft 802.11n for optimum speed. You will also want the wireless network converter to be WEP and WPA, security supported so all of your personal information will be protected.

Linksys instant wireless network converter, Ethernet bridge WET11, is one such converter that is on the market that is very popular. Netgear, Cisco and Sony as well as many other companies make them too.

Before you install and use a wireless network converter, take the time to learn a little about the technology so that you can keep your network secure. People who convert to wireless technology usually are not aware of the security risks involved. There are steps you can take to ensure the security of your personal and confidential information.

You should never connect your personal computer that has personal financial information to a home based wireless network because of security concerns. Always connect them to a network with a standard Ethernet cable. You should also make sure your pc has the latest security patch or update.

Using a wireless network converter to connect your wired devices to the Ethernet is easy to do and not very expensive. Signals to your devices can be sent through walls and doors so you can use your laptop anywhere in your home. You will need a wireless network router and Ethernet cable but they are easy to set up and use. You can find plenty of information online about where to buy a wireless network converter, how much they cost and how to use it to convert your wired devices to wireless. There is even a wireless network converter for your media devices that will allow you to send music on your desktop to your home stereo system.

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