Wireless Lavalier Microphone

A microphone is used to transmit or record audio. Wireless microphones do not require any wires so they are very versatile. The wireless lavalier microphone style is a wireless microphone which is capable of being clipped to the collar of your shirt. The microphone is most commonly connected to transmit audio signals through a wireless transmitter that is located somewhere else on your body or your belt. It will transfer the audio signal from the microphone, to the transmitter, and ultimately end up at the wireless station for the device.

A wireless lavalier microphone allows you to record audio without having to hold the microphone in place. It is often positioned close enough to your mouth that it is in perfect position to record audio without causing any discomfort or inconvenience.

This type of microphone is very commonly used by bodyguards and staff that are backstage at venues. Some professional singers will use a wireless lavalier microphone while performing a concert. Another example of a good use for a wireless lavalier microphone would be to improve the quality of a presentation at school or in the workplace.

Buying a Wireless Lavalier Microphone
When looking for a wireless lavalier microphone to buy there are many things to consider. The overall performance of the device is important, as is the budget. You will also want to look for special features which make a certain model of wireless lavalier microphone preferable over the rest. Make sure you choose a microphone based on what you need and do not just buy the first one you see. You have many options so take advantage of the wide variety of microphones available to get the best deal possible.

Wireless Frequency
Whenever you purchase a wireless product you will want to make sure that the wireless system offers a variety of wireless frequencies. This can help you a lot if the microphone has any signal distortion as you simply have to change the frequency you are using to remove any distortion. Basically, with a wide range of frequencies to choose from you will be able to make sure you have no problems with your wireless signal. Additionally, if you have a wider range of frequency channels then the wireless frequency of your wireless microphone will increase.

Auto Scan Feature

The auto scan feature is one of few which you should look for when choosing a wireless lavalier microphone. With the auto scan feature the wireless system will scan automatically. The scanning will complete when an open frequency is discovered. The major benefit of the auto scan feature is that you can make sure that your wireless microphone is always being used while on the best channel possible. This, combined with a wider range of frequency channels, can guarantee that you will have little to no signal problems with your wireless microphone.

Sound Quality
One of the most important factors of the sound quality will be the clarity of the sound. The sound clarity of the microphone will improve as the price of the unit increases. If you are just looking for a microphone for basic use then you will not need an extremely high clarity microphone. If you are looking for a microphone to use for presentations on stage then you could benefit from a 50Hz to 16kHz range. This is rather small but it will still be high enough for everyone in the audience to clearly hear everything that is being said by the presenter.

A wireless microphone for concert use or for recording music would have to be used on a wider frequency range. 20Hz to 20kHz is often a sufficient frequency range for this use. A wireless microphone for singing will cost quite a lot more than a basic wireless microphone but the sound clarity and overall quality will be much better.

Battery Life
If you expect to be using the wireless microphone for long periods of time then you will want to make sure that the battery life will be sufficient. Usually these wireless microphones will have a battery life of no more than three hours. It would be beneficial if you tried to find a wireless microphone which has a longer battery life. A higher battery life will last you roughly eight to ten hours per charge. Also, it is important to know that the battery life from a full charge with your microphone will decrease as the unit gets worn out.

Wireless lavalier microphones are extremely versatile and can be used in many different environments. Whether at home, work, or school, there are endless possibilities for a wireless microphone and how it could come in handy. If you are going to purchase a wireless lavalier microphone then you will need to know what to look for. Take time to search for a wireless microphone which will meet or exceed your expectations. There are many different models to choose from so you should be able to find something that works well for you.

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