Wireless Gate Intercom

A wireless gate intercom is a highly suggested device to improve the overall safety of the security system at any home or business place. It provides a great increase in the security of the property, as the owner will have control over who is let into the property.

The gate is opened from inside the building through the intercom system. The person at the gate will speak into the intercom to identify his or her self. The person inside the building will then acknowledge the person at the gate and decide whether to buzz him or her in or not. Other options may also be included on the intercom interface as well such as a security alarm button that may notify emergency assistance if there is a problem.

You can easily turn a wireless gate intercom into your main security system. If you think about it, the gate is the main access point for anyone to get to your home. This means that in most cases any possible intruders would have to get past the gate in order to get into your home. You can still have a security system set up for your house as well, but having one at the gate will increase the effects that it will have.

For home use, the Callbox that comes with the system will be installed outside of the gate. It will be accessible by anyone that is driving into your property. The box casing for the intercom system is often made of stainless steel or similar heavy-duty materials. The visitor will be required to press the appropriate buttons on the Callbox to activate the system. Once this is done, you will be alerted from inside your home that you have a visitor. You can then choose to either let them in or not let them in.

There are some features of the Callbox that can make it a very effective security system just by itself. That one part of the system is compatible with motion detection security alarms and it can set off an alarm sound or turn lights on when necessary. Additionally, the system is wireless so you will not need to install a bunch of wires.

There is not always a need to only be able to use the intercom from a single location. If you want, the system can be controlled through two-way portable radios as well. This method is very effective. as you do not have to stay in the same spot to be able to know what is going on. Also, the security settings with mobile phones have been improved to prevent any problems with the radio communications of the wireless gate intercom.

As the wireless gate intercom is using radio communication technology it is capable of being used from up to miles away. This is very beneficial if you have a very large property and the gate is located far away from the actual building.

If you run a business with multiple wireless intercom systems, you will not have to worry about any stress when attempting to monitor each of the gates. It is actually very easy to monitor as the messages can be sent to a central location with a notification of which gate or Callbox the alert was sent from.

A wireless gate intercom system can be perfect for both home and business security. It provides an added benefit that cannot be achieved with any other type of security system. You will be able to monitor who is on your property and decide if they will be allowed in or not. If an unwanted visitor that poses a threat shows up, this gives you ample time to make a call for emergency help.

There is no arguing that the wireless gate intercom system is a very good product for security purposes. It is also designed to be very convenient as both the visitor and the owner can operate it very easily. There are also many features that are included with certain models so you will be able to find one that is very easy to use for your situation. In reality, any gated property should have a wireless gate intercom system set up, so you should look into making the investment if you have not done so yet.

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