Wireless Game Adapter

Imagine that you have your video game console hooked up in your bedroom along with various other forms of electrical equipment. You have recently purchased a brand-new big-screen HDTV however this is situated downstairs in another room. No doubt, you would love to hook up your console to the new HDTV, but the thought of having to untangle all those cables just to remove your video game console from the bedroom seems far too much hard work. This is where using a wireless game adapter can take care of this situation and will eliminate the need for all those different wires.

A wireless game adapter will basically fit into your videogame console‚Äôs ethernet port. This will not only allow you wireless access to the Internet so you can continue playing all the games you love, you now no longer has to worry about yourself or a family member or friend tripping over those pesky wires that go from your console to the computer setup. However what do you do if you want to get involved with several groups of other players in some multiplayer action? You’ll be pleased to know that the majority of wireless game adapters that are available in the marketplace will allow you to achieve this without ever needing to add a wireless router.

In order to achieve this you need to attach the exact same make and model of wireless game adapter to each console in the LAN (Local Area Network) and you are pretty much good to go. If the thought of transporting these devices fills you with dread you don’t actually have to worry. They are extremely compact and are actually small enough to allow you to simply stick them into your laptop carrying case and transport them directly to the gaming event or the LAN party. You can either lay them out flat or use a stand that is typically included and allows you to place your wireless gaming adapter vertically. In order to make them even more functional, the majority of wireless game adapters actually have a manual switch that can be flipped and then allow you to go back and forth between Internet gaming and LAN gaming.

You will find that many of the major gaming systems will offer a dedicated wireless game adapter. Microsoft’s Xbox and both the Nintendo Wii models and Game Boy offer a specific wireless game adapter that will only work with their specific consoles. Many of the more highly rated wireless game adapters will actually come from generic manufacturers. Some of the more popular models are manufactured by NetGear, LinkSys and TrendNet. These can be purchased either over the Internet or also from many computer electronics retailers. However you should be aware that many of these brick and mortar locations will have an extremely limited selection of wireless game adapters. If you are looking for a specific wireless game adapter that is dedicated to be used with an Xbox or a Wii, you are far more likely to find them from the manufacturers mentioned above.

Not only can you connect a wireless game adapter via wireless router using an ethernet cable, you can also connect it over WiFi which will enable far greater reach and convenience. All wireless game adapter products will include setup software on a CD-ROM. This must be installed on one computer in order to complete the initial configuration of the wireless game adapter. As with all generic network adapters you must configure your wireless game adapter with the correct network name and encryption settings.

Wireless game adapters will vary in price and functionality. Some basic models can be purchased for under $50 whereas the more advanced adapters can retail well in excess of $100. These adapters, as mentioned, are fairly small in size and are actually not much bigger than a deck of playing cards. They feature two LEDs on the front that will glow green once they have been connected to a power supply and the wireless network. You will also find an adjustable antenna on the rear, and additional ports for the power supply and the ethernet cable that is included with the device. You should notice two notches on the bottom of the wireless game adapter which will allow you to mount the device onto a wall.

Possibly the most popular wireless game adapter is the Actiontec. This will allow you to easily hook up a game console to play online without the need to string large volumes of networking cable around the house. It must be said that this extremely popular device retails at the higher end of the market for approximately $130. You should take into consideration, however, that it is very small and compact and extremely easy to configure. This model also comes with a limited one-year warranty.

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