Wireless Earbuds for iPod

Wireless earbuds for iPod will help you to eliminate annoying wires while listening to your music when you are out and about. Earbuds are the type of headphones that fit inside the ear, not over the ear. You can freely enjoy your iPod in comfort when you have wireless earbuds for it. Hardly anyone will even know you are using them. You can take a run in the park or use them when you are washing your car or while waiting lin line somewhere, etc. There are all kinds if brands for wireless earbuds for your iPod today to choose from and they sell for various prices from $100 up to $500 depending on the brand.

There are basically two types of wireless earbuds for the iPod. The first type is the ones that you need an iPod adapter for, so you can connect them to your iPod. The second type is the kind that connects directly to the iPod itself. Some brands will use blue tooth technology, while others do not.

Etymotic Research was the first developer of in-the-ear high fidelity wireless earbuds with Bluetooth technology. These are great for their noise exclusion capabilities. Before you buy this brand however, you should make sure the supports this model you choose.

Sony is a good brand that offers earbuds for iPod. Their DR-BT10CX Stereo Earbuds are perfect to use with your iPod. These earbuds are high quality and will produce great sound for you from your iPod. These wireless earbuds provide up to 11 hours of continuous listening pleasure. They also give you 100 hours of standby time before you have to recharge them. These earbuds are also compatible with a pc or stereo as well.

Another good set of earbuds for iPod is the Sennheiser MX W1. These earbuds are totally wireless and have a small transmitter that connects directly to your iPod player. These earbuds utilize “Kleer Technologies” and will give you detailed stereo sound. You twist to fit them in your ear. They are a little on the pricy side though. The Sennheiser MM 200 wireless earbuds is a less expensive model that offers Bluetooth technology and sells for around $200 or less. While this model does not have wires that connect to the iPod, it does have wires that you wear around the back of the neck. You will enjoy 9 hours of continuous listening with this model with a recharge time of 3 hours.

Another option in wireless earbuds for your iPod is the DigiFi Opera S1 Wireless Earbuds. These also use “Kleer” technology to give you high quality digital stereo sound. They come with a transmitter that you plug into the headphone jack on your iPod. A single charge will last for 10 hours and will give you a range of 32 feet away from the transmitter.

The Jaybird JB 200i wireless earbuds for iPod are a good choice if you will be using them while engaging in watersports or activities because they are water resistant. They use Bluetooth technology and connect to the iPod. These earbuds are moon shaped and you wear them behind the ear.

The Sleek SA6 Wireless earbuds for iPod are also good. They use the “Kleer” digital transmission technology. You will enjoy a uncompressed CD quality sound with these earbuds.

There are various other earbuds for iPod devices on the market. To get the best pricing be sure to do some comparative shopping online. You can find many of these brands at local retail stores or being offered at discount prices at various websites online that sell iPod devices and assessories.

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