Wireless Driveway Alarm

Protecting your home and your family from intruders is likely to be of the utmost importance to you. Many people invest in a driveway alarm to ensure that they are able to monitor any activity directly outside their house. You have numerous options as to how you wish to use this form of security device and these include:

  • You are able to monitor exactly when people or cars enter your driveway
  • You are able to setup a driveway alarm to monitor if any intruders may be approaching either your front or back yard
  • Another great use for this type of alarm is a monitor for your swimming pool. For example, you are inside the house, but the kids are playing by the pool. The alarm will send an alert if they step too close to the water when you set up the sensors near the pool.
  • You may also choose to use the alarm to monitor any specific activity that goes on around your tool shed or garage or any other place outdoors where you may store valuables

The majority of driveway alarms are electronic devices with both a sensor and a receiver. You also have the choice of an alarm system with wires or a completely wireless version. As you may envisage, the wireless driveway alarms are far more popular due to them being so easy to install and the fact that they require hardly any maintenance. Once you’ve set up the alarm system you then merely need to ensure the receiver is correctly installed indoors.

The sensor that is positioned in your driveway, or wherever you have chosen to place it, will immediately detect any movement. Motion can be detected through what is known as passive infrared (PIR) which is the specific technology that driveway alarms use. Whenever the sensor picks up or detects motion it will immediately transmit a signal to the receiver which you have installed inside your house.

The majority of driveway alarms have a sensor range of 100 feet – 300 feet. As you may expect the wider the range that you choose, the more expensive the overall alarm will be. It is actually a great idea to calculate and measure distances so you know exactly where you want the receiver set up, prior to making a purchase. This will ensure that you know exactly what distances you need to cover and therefore will give you a far better idea of which model and type of alarm you will need to buy.

The great thing about wireless driveway alarms is that they are actually able to spot the difference between an actual intruder and say, a small animal passing through your backyard. In most cases if the animal weighs under a certain amount, typically 40lbs-50lbs, you will not be alerted by the alarm as it is aware that it is a small animal. This is obviously a fantastic feature as depending on where you live, you may find the alarm forever going off and causing you nothing but stress.

Most driveway alarms are waterproof and are also more than capable of holding up in extreme temperatures. This actually makes a lot of sense as this important piece of equipment would always be outdoors. Should you purchase the wireless version, this will usually come with a backup battery. This can prove to be vital if you ever suffer from a power outage. Many driveway alarms also have a voice alert system. You are even able to record your own alert message should you wish and whenever the alarm is activated the message will automatically play. Should you ever have any intruders this could act as a fantastic deterrent.

Driveway alarms are not merely used by families at home, but can also form an integral part of your office equipment. How often have you been unaware that a visitor has arrived or if a courier is waiting in an area where you have no staff? You can set up the alarm system in such a way that you will be immediately notified whenever a visitor is near and therefore you never have to worry about missing a customer again.

I’m sure you’ll agree that a driveway alarm is a fantastic piece of equipment that can be fully utilized at both home and work. By installing an alarm at home you are given additional peace of mind that a great home security system will provide, and when installed at the office, you will appear far more professional by being immediately on hand as soon as a visitor arrives.

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