Wireless Doorbell

A doorbell is a great convenience to have in any building but the wired models have always been difficult and expensive to install. The wireless doorbell makes installation much simpler and cheaper by removing the need for wires. It has many other advantages over the wired models but also a few problems consumers need to be aware of. Along with the basic doorbells, there are models that allow digital music to be played and also models with video cameras. There are even novelty models that add a little fun to what is generally a boring and functional gadget.

A regular wired doorbell requires the connection of wires between the pushbutton and the buzzer. Typically, the pushbutton is mounted outside the building and the buzzer is placed somewhere inside it. The wires can be run along the insides of the rooms but many homeowners prefer not to do this because it looks unattractive. Instead, the wire are usually passed through the roof, floor, and wall cavities to keep them out of sight. Many homeowners prefer to have this work done a tradesman but this can add hundreds of dollars to the overall cost. One good way of avoiding this extra cost is to buy a wireless doorbell.

The pushbutton of a wireless doorbell sends out a radio signal that is picked up by a receiver in the buzzer. The doorbell will not work if either of the batteries in the pushbutton or buzzer are flat. Some models will sound an alarm if the batteries are about to go flat but even that can go unnoticed. To avoid this problem, the batteries should be changed every six months, even if they are not flat. A good way to remember is to change them at the same time the batteries in the smoke alarms are changed.

There are many advantages to using a wireless doorbell besides the easy installation process. The pushbutton can be mounted in more places, including the front door itself. However, they have significantly less range if they are mounted on metal surfaces. The buzzer can be moved between rooms and even taken outside, so long as it remains within range of the pushbutton. Additional pushbuttons can be purchased and used with the same buzzer, allowing more doors to be covered by the buzzer.

Just like a regular radio, the buzzer of a wireless doorbell is susceptible to interference and false signals which can cause it to go off. This problem can be reduced somewhat by changing the radio channel it operates on. Another problem a wireless doorbell faces is its reliance on batteries. Both the pushbutton and buzzer require batteries, although some buzzers can plugged into a power point. Doorbells that use large batteries last much longer and are less of a problem. Pushbuttons that uses a nine volt battery can last more than a year before they need to be changed.

There are several important features to look for when choosing a wireless doorbell. Ideally, it should have several channels and work over a long range. Any model that has a range under one hundred feet is not going to be very useful. The buzzer should be able to work with additional buttons so that more than one entrance can be covered. The buzzer should have volume control and a selection of chimes, including the common Westminster chime. It should also have a flashing light for people who are hearing impaired.

The standard wireless doorbell is ideal for most people but others would regard it as boring and functional. For these people, there are a range of novelty doorbells that have buzzers in the shape of animals and other interesting objects. Some models can also play digital music that has been loaded from a computer or portable music player. There are also a few expensive models that have a tiny video camera and monitor built into them. These can be used to identify visitors before allowing them to enter the property or building.

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