Wireless Dongle

A wireless dongle is a wonderful device that equips a computer with Bluetooth networking capabilities. Simply put, a wireless dongle makes it possible to help you network wirelessly with other devices. However, it is important that these devices also have wireless networking capabilities. Wireless networking has now become a standard with all devices; almost every other electronic device you might buy comes with Wi-Fi capabilities or Bluetooth or infra red or all of these. The devices that don’t already have these capacities can be converted to work wirelessly. However, this often used to be a long process and not something the lay computer user could comprehend. Wireless dongles solve this problem.

First up, it is essential to understand the difference between ‘dongle’ and ‘wireless dongle’. A dongle is a piece of hardware that is used for the authentication and authorized activation of certain software. It may be understood as a device to counter software piracy. The wireless dongle however, looks a lot like the USB pen drive or flash drive. A wireless dongle is quite easy to use. All one has to do is insert it into the USB port of the computer. This is what makes wireless dongles more desirable than all other ways of going wire-free. It is simple enough for anyone to use.

This whole process becomes even simpler with Windows XP or Vista running PCs which automatically detect Bluetooth devices like the wireless dongle. In some rare instances however, a driver installation is required. This too though is an easy process on a Windows PC. The OS will guide you through the entire process effortlessly. Once the wireless dongle is installed and running, the Bluetooth capability kicks in and it will pick up any other Bluetooth-enabled device on its own. Bluetooth also has an added advantage of working automatically – this means that you do not have to do anything – the devices find each other as long as they are within each other’s range of connectivity.

Because it is so easy to install and work with, wireless dongles become the device of choice for connecting with other devices wirelessly. Within minutes you can get rid of almost all the cables surrounding your PC. A wireless dongle can be used to connect your PC wirelessly to your mobile phone, music players, mouse, keyboards, headphones, speakers, modem, PDA, router, and any other Bluetooth enabled device – even other computers and notebooks. This makes it extremely easy to transfer data wirelessly. With a wireless dongle you can connect to a Bluetooth enabled modem and thus even establish an internet connection.

There are generally two types of wireless dongles available. (There will be new and better dongles coming up as companies become more competitive and technologies more sophisticated.) There is a standard dongle and a MIMO dongle. The standard dongle allows you to transfer between limited areas – between different rooms of your house mostly. The MIMO dongle, however, is supposed to provide longer connectivity as well as connectivity on the go. It can also transfer data almost six times faster than the standard dongle. This means you can make use of the wireless connectivity even when you are at a distance from your PC at a decent rate. The MIMO dongle, however, could be more expensive.

Wireless dongles are also associated with wireless internet access or Wi-Fi. Most cellular companies that provide their customers with mobile broadband i.e. the ability to access the internet on the go, wirelessly, do so with wireless dongles. Cellular companies like 3, T-mobile and Vodafone offer their customers attractive plans along with the wireless dongle which help them surf the internet and download while paying a monthly fee. Most of time, the internet can be accessed at Wi-Fi hotspots.

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