Wireless Dog Fences

If your dog is continually getting out of your yard and running away you may want to get one of the new wireless dog fences. A wireless dog fence uses new technology that can confine your dog effectively. A wireless dog fence is an electric fence and is a great option for people who want to keep their dogs in their own yard or who want to prohibit the dog from going into certain areas in their yard. It is a considered safe and humane and will keep your dog confined within the boundaries that you set for it by emitting a wireless fence radio frequency signal at its boundaries. It is used in conjunction with a collar that the dog wears. The fence is the transmitter and the collar is the receiver.

The collar that the dog wears is waterproof and will immediately receive the signals being sent from the wireless dog fence as soon as the dog comes close to the boundary. At this point, there will be a warning beep which will be heard by the dog. If the dog continues on closer to the boundary you have set for it, a light static energy pulse is then transmitted by the fence and received by the collar. When the dog feels a slight shock it will normally stop and back away from the area. Over time, the dog learns where the boundary lines are and will not try to go past them, knowing that it will receive the light shock if it does. The training is quick, easy and effective.

You have the option of how much free range you want to give your dog. A wireless dog fence can be set up to 180 feet in diameter. The signal can be sent through walls and other obstacles without interruption. Theses fences work best with dogs that weigh between 15 to 50 lbs. One wireless dog fence can contain two dogs as well if they all are each wearing a receiver collar. Some models will contain several dogs but these models have a limited range of 90 ft in diameter.

A wireless dog fence can be installed very easily and you can install them just about anywhere. You will not have to dig up the ground to bury wires and there are not objects that must be fixed to it. It is not like other dog electric dog fences that use wires that are buried in the ground around the perimeter of your yard. You basically just plug the transmitter in, program it and start training the dog to stay within the boundaries that you have set for it. There is a base station that sends out the signal in a circular pattern.

When you are shopping for a wireless dog fence make sure that you get one that has a fail safe shut off feature so that it will not harm your dog. There are some models that have rechargeable batteries. You should always check the batteries now and then to make sure they are still have sufficient charge. If not, replace or recharge the batteries. The recharge time is usually about 8 hours. You should also make sure the wireless dog fence does not send a correction signal during power outages. The dog feels an energy surge when the color loses the signal. This is also another reason to make sure it has a failsafe shut off. The wireless dog fence is best used on flat surfaces. If you property has hills or a ditch, it can cause the dog to disappear and lose the signal and then receive the slight electrical shock unnecessarily.

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