Wireless Desktop Card

Thinking of converting your desktop into a wireless system? Then you will need to install a wireless desktop card to use with a wireless router. Your wireless network card will communicate with the router at remarkably faster speeds than you ever thought possible. You’ll need to get one that works at the same speed as your wireless router and that will have the same coverage. For the network to function, you will also need to install networking software.

A wireless desktop card will allow you to do away with cables. Most laptops already come with wireless network cards, but you can still turn your older one into being wireless and similar wireless cards will do the same to make your desktop computer wireless too.

Your new wireless desktop card can be installed in one of the free peripheral connect interface (PCI) slots in your computer. You could also buy a USB wireless card that can be used on more than one computer because you can just move it between computers since you just plug it into a USB port.

If you opt for a permanent internet connection by installing a wireless desktop card, you’ll need the PCI card. If you have never installed a PCI card, you may want to get someone else to do it for you but it really is not hard to do. You just open the side of your computer case and then unscrew the PCI slot cover, then remove the cover and push the PCI card into the slot. After that you secure the card by screwing in the slot cover and then close the computer case. There will also be an antenna that you screw into the nub on the back of the card. It is not hard to do at all. You should get an Ethernet network card if your pc connects to the Ethernet. If it connects to a wireless LAN, you need a wireless network card.

Purchasing a wireless desktop card does not have to be a pricey investment. You can find several brands for around $35. Belkin has the 802.11g Wireless Desktop Card for about that price. It offers the latest innovations in wireless technology and will give you instant wireless capabilities. The data transfer rate is fantastic and can be almost five times faster than what you are used too. It has simple Plug-and-Play technology and you can install it easily in your PCI expansion slot. It is also backward compatible with 802.11b Wi-Fi networking standard.

If you are using Windows, you won’t have any trouble finding a wireless desktop card that will be compatible with your system. Linux users may have to look a little harder for a wireless desktop card. Linux users will be happy to know that the Belkin wireless G card will easily find a connection for them. Just make sure you get the version 5100 that has Atheros chipset. It will say what version it is on the bar code. This version of the Belkin G card is the only Belkin card that will work with Linux for wireless internet access. You can find the Belkin wireless desktop card at Walmart or Staples and websites online.

Now if you want wireless desktop card that can easily transfer video, music, photos and other large data files between your home computers, check out the Belkin N1 wireless desktop card. This wireless desktop card has increased antenna range too. It is capable of transmitting physical data at speeds up to 300Mbps. Whichever wireless network card you finally decide on, you will love connecting faster and easier to the internet than ever before.

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