Wireless Cable Transmitter

Wireless cable transmitters take the headache out of having to deal with multiple wires when setting up your cable. In the past, if you wanted to extend you cable to another room without a cable jack, you would have to find a way to get the coaxial cable from one room to another (often across an entire house or apartment) and do so in a way that doesn’t disrupt the aesthetics of the home or serve as a danger to passers by. Now we have the wireless cable transmitter, a quick and simple way to hook up everything you need without actual cables and wires.

Another advantage to wireless cable transmitters is that you do not have to purchase additional cable boxes for each room. This can become an expensive endeavor if you try to go through the cable companies; not only will you have to pay per box, you will have to pay for somebody to come and install those boxes. Add to that the issue of having to coordinate a good time to have the cable man stop by and it can be a lot of hassle. Besides, if you are trying to get your signal to multiple rooms, it is simply not a viable option in the affordability department. Just go with a wireless cable transmitter.

These devices, which often cost under a hundred depending on what you’re going, are compact and resemble a wireless Internet router. Often each purchase will come with one transmitter and one receiver. If you’re one of those trying to get your cable signal to multiple rooms, you will have to purchase additional receivers, which are available separately. Many of these devices also can be used for other things besides cable, such as a DVD player, a VCR, cameras, satellite dishes to traditional television monitors, flat-screen television monitors and computer monitors.

Another thing to consider when purchasing wireless cable transmitters is that as of June 2009, television stations by law will be required to transmit exclusively digital signals. Once this occurs, analog cable users much purchase a device that converts digital signals for analog televisions. The good news is that wireless cable transmitters are able to transmit digital signals as well, so there should be no fear that you are wasting your money by purchasing wireless cable transmitters and receivers. Just make sure that the device in question transmits a digital signal as well.

Another neat feature about wireless cable transmitter is that they come with a remote control. Because of this, you can sync up all of your devices to the transmitter and receiver(s), then control them all with one central remote. The package of most of these devices will come with a transmitter, a receiver, two coaxial cables, two 120-volt adapters, a remote, two audio/visual cables, an instruction manual and a warranty. It is imperative that you do not trash the original packaging, warranty and user manual because you never know when you will need those things.

When purchasing a wireless cable transmitter, you will want to first determine which devices you wish to connect, and as a result how far of distance of coverage you will require. In addition, check to see what’s included in the box because you may need additional supplies such as cables or adapters. Also pay special attention to whether your device has a warranty. In addition, make not of the length of time and the conditions of that warranty.

Consider these popular models of wireless cable transmitters:

  • The Creative Technology Xmod Digital Media Streamer has a range of about 100 feet, is compatible with M93 audio files and has one USB and oen mini USB port. Outputs include a 1/8″ mini jack. Eligible operating systems include Windows XP, Windows XP Media Center and Microsoft Windows Vista. Remote cable, power adapter and audio cable are included.
  • The RF-Link AVS-5812 Digital Media Streamer and RF-Link AVS-5811 Digital Media Streamer are another couple of popular wireless cable transmitters. Both with 5.8 GHz of frequency, both of these devices come with one transmitter and one receiver. The devices work for up to 400 feet of distance for VCRs, televisions, LDs, DVDs, VCDs, satellites, cable boxes and monitors. You can also sync this device up to a camcorder or CCD camera and set-up a nice wireless security system.
  • Perhaps one of the leasing digital media transmitter brands is AITech. The AITech ProA/V Analog Source Streamer has the ability to hook up with any TiVo box, analog television boc, projector, computer, security camera, camcorder, VCR, DVD or CD player. The indoor range is up to 200 feet and the device includes a power adapter.
  • The Lorex VS6438 Digital Media Streamer connects to VCRs, DVDs and satellites and has a range of up to 300 feet indoors. This device comes with a one year warranty.
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