Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

Business Professionals can benefit from using a wireless Bluetooth mouse when making their presentations. Have you ever tried to make a presentation by using your digital projector, computer, keyboard and mouse? If you have, did you get frustrated and nervous because you had to navigate through all of the wires? You may have noticed how restricted you were because the range was too limited and you had to stand in a certain place to make your presentation. That place may not have been too comfortable for you. You’ll be happy to know that if you switch to a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, you can be at the other side of the room and still be able to make your presentation with comfort and ease. If you use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, you can also share your mouse and keyboard with your partners by passing them around so they can take their turn at the presentation.

Bluetooth technology has made huge strides, not only for the mobile phone and computer industries, but for a huge assortment of other industries that make use of it. Not only is Bluetooth wireless technology great for those on the move, you can now do things with gadgets you never would have dreamed of in the business world.

When Microsoft released their wireless Bluetooth mouse and keyboard combination, it was sold under the name of Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000. It was a perfect combination for Media Center PCs. Since then, it has been catching on as a great way and uses Windows Vista and Windows XP and others. A Bluetooth mouse will connect to the CPU of your computer via Bluetooth technology. There is no need to keep the mouse and computer near a Bluetooth enabled computer or the monitor. Although it may be susceptible to magnetic and electrical interferences, it can work up to about 9 meters away from your keyboard if there is no interference.

A Bluetooth mouse has a special image processing chip imbedded in it and it is able to detect its own motion in relation to surfaces. It uses a laser diode, also known as a LED and will use an optical flow estimation algorithm to translate its movement in relation to the movement of a pointer.

Today, most high end computers come equipped with wireless Bluetooth mouse and keyboard technology so that the user can use them from a distance. Technology has even been developed that can sense gestures that the user is making. This can benefit people in several different ways. For example, a quick movement of the hand and the mouse will delete your picture on a drawing program for you. If you happen to be an architectural engineer using such a program, this would greatly enhance your productivity.

Microsoft makes a Bluetooth mouse to connect with a Bluetooth PC without a transceiver. This will free up a port for you. They are selling on the internet from anywhere from $25 to $82. If you have a Bluetooth enabled MacBook, you can get a Logitech V470 bluetooth mouse for it for around $27 to $78. It has bluetooth 1.2 wireless technology and you will be able to zoom in and out or scroll with prefect ease.

Apple has come out with the Mighty Mouse, another bluetooth mouse. You’ll be able to use the ever useful scroll ball in it to move wherever you want in a document. No need for a mouse pad either. It works on various surfaces with no problem at all. The Mighty Mouse goes for around $61- to $90 on the internet. You can check out your local retailers also to see if they have one on sale.

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