Wireless Audio Speakers

Popularity for home theater systems has not even begun to slow down. Nothing is more frustrating than getting your new system home and being ready to start setting it up, only to be dismayed by the huge array of wires and cables that come with it. One way to cut down the clutter is to get wireless audio speakers.

Those who manufacture home theater systems must have known that the downside to having your own home theater is the giant snarl of wire that comes with the array of components that make it up. The answer to cut clutter down is to get wireless audio speakers and get rid of all cables that ruin the d├ęcor of any room. The good news is that wireless speakers are not all that expensive either when you compare them to more conventional wired speakers.

Not only will they help the looks of your home theater room, they are great for outdoors too. Audiophiles can set their sound system up wherever and however they want to arrange it. On the market today are patio wireless audio speakers as well as garden speakers or rock speakers.

Several brands have them available so they are not hard to find at all. Big brand name manufactures like Yamaha and Denon are getting into the wireless speaker market now too. There are many other brands that sell them also. The technology that goes with the wireless speakers allows them to work through a transmitter/receiver type system. Sort of like a radio remote plane or car. You see, the wireless speakers are fitted with a transmitter and receiver. There is no need for a lot of wires anymore because the sound signal is transmitted across the room. The receiver in the speakers picks up the signal and then plays the sound. These speakers are sold at a pretty good price considering the cutting edge technology they use and the sound quality they can put out. In fact, compared to a high end $5000 wired models, these speakers can not be beat. Besides that, wireless speakers are the future and wired speakers will soon be a thing of the past, but that may still be a ways off. Right now however, full home theater wireless solutions are easily achieved.

Wireless speakers need some sort of amplifier. Wireless technology is able to put the amplifiers right into the wireless speakers. At 100 watts capability, that is nothing to take lightly. Amazingly, these amplifiers are small enough to fit into a 5×7 wireless speaker and still have room in them.

So what powers up these little micro amplifiers? Well, they take no more than a AAA or AA batteries or a C, D or gel battery, depending on the make and model. Most of these batteries can be of the rechargeable type too. Rechargeable batteries will still need to be replaced now and then, but not that often.

Wireless speakers that come with internal, rechargeable batteries also have power adapters. This allows you to still use your speakers if the batteries are too low and are recharging. Some wireless speakers only use off the shelf batteries so make sure you find out which kind the speakers you want to buy will need.

Wireless speakers are really easy to set up. The broadcast range is from 25-300 feet. Before you make your wireless speaker placement, check out your booklet for the appropriate distance. Cut down your clutter and get wireless audio speakers that use higher frequency ranges for the best results. The reason you want high frequency is so that you will not have interference from cell phone or other wireless devices.

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