Wireless Air Cards

If you want mobility with your laptop or live in a rural area where internet connection is not available, you can use a wireless air card instead. Wireless air cards will allow you to get online using your laptop from any location that is able to pick up a signal from a cell carrier tower. These wireless air cards are also known as EVDO cards. They plug into the PCMCIA slot on your laptop. One of these cards will give you global access to the internet via your laptop.

The cell phone carriers are leading the way in new wireless airtime technology and offering wireless air cards that you can use with a service plan. Verizon, Cingular, Sprint and T-Mobil all have this service available right now. Typically, a customer can just get the data only plan if they do not want to use a voice and cell phone service plan. The plans are a little bit pricey at around $70 a month for most, but you will get unlimited internet access for that price. Most wireless air time cards require a one or two year contract. There is one company that has wireless air cards with unlimited use and no contracts for about $40 a month. This company goes by the name of Cricket. The only problem with this company is they might not have towers in your area so their wireless air card service will not work for you if that is the case.

For wireless air cards to work proficiently, they must have a strong signal from the carrier. With one of these air cards in your laptop, you will have connectivity wherever you could get cell phone service and you will not have to be tied down to an Ethernet cable and modem. These cards also free you form having to rely on WiFi hotspots if you are being mobile with your laptop.

If you are an RV traveler you can take the internet with you by using one of these wireless air time cards. Other than a laptop and an air time card, all you will need is a Mobile router. These are special routers that are made so that you can insert your air card into it. Most people who travel a lot in their RVs who also want to use the internet will opt for this option rather than trying to rely on WiFi hotspots.

Business travelers find that wireless air cards are invaluable. Usually, a business traveler would have to rely on their hotel WiFi hotspots to be able to connect their laptops to the internet. But now, with wireless air cards available, this dependency is a thing of the past. Wireless air cards can give you wireless internet connection at broadband speeds in remote locations.

It used to be that only large businesses and corporations were the only ones using wireless networks. However, with advanced wireless technology today, thousands of individuals are now able to access the internet by using a wireless air card. Bluetooth technology has even made it easier to get on the internet without the need for wires.

One company that makes very reliable wireless air cards is Sierra Wireless Air Card Company. They offer two types of air cards that provide reliable and uninterrupted service and drain very little energy off of you laptop. This is important because no matter if your air card is working great, you still can not get on the internet if the battery in your laptop is drained and you are in a remote location with no way to recharge it. You can find various wireless air cards from online merchants as well as your cell phone carrier store.

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