Wine Refrigerator

Wine refrigerators are appliances that are used to store wines at a cool temperature and proper humidity conditions so that they can retain their tastes for a long period of time. These refrigerators are much different from normal refrigerators. First of all, these refrigerators will store only wine and will have several vertical and horizontal placeholders designed to keep wine in them. Secondly, they do not just cool the wine but also adjust environmental conditions such as humidity and air so that the conditions in the wine cellar are almost entirely replicated.

There is an accessory known as wine coolers also. However, wine coolers are much smaller than wine refrigerators; they will usually take only one bottle of wine at a time. However, some wine coolers can also take up to four bottles. They are meant to only cool the wine, not maintain any proper humidity or air conditions. They are usually countertop appliances, which are also kept on the table as the wine is being consumed. Wine refrigerators, on the other hand, are freestanding devices. They are much larger and can take a lot of wine bottles at the same time. The capacities of individual wine refrigerators to hold wine bottles depend on the manufacturer.

Wine that is kept in the normal surroundings will soon lose its quality. It might also develop an undesirable flavor. That is the reason many wine aficionados invest in wine coolers so that they can savor the wine as it was meant to be savored.

Almost all modern wine refrigerators allow the users to set their temperatures. A thermostat is generally used to keep the temperature at a desired value. The thermostat keeps constantly gauging the temperature inside the wine refrigerator and keeps it as it has been set. This allows people to select the right temperature for wines and make sure that it remains at that value. Most wines are had at slightly warm temperatures; however, wines such as sparkling wine and red wine are consumed when they are almost chilled.

Some modern wine refrigerators allow for dual temperature control so that different types of wines can be more effectively kept cool. These wines are meant to be kept in two different compartments which have two different temperatures.

One of the contentions against a wine refrigerator is that it does not provide a range of temperatures what different kinds of wines would need. A wine lover will probably have several different kinds of wines and will want to keep them at their own temperatures. This is the reason why wine refrigerators that have controllable settings are also not considered seriously.

The temperature control feature is a modern invention with wine coolers. Another feature that has made a recent appearance is the ability to control the atmospheric conditions inside the refrigerator. This enables wine lovers to savor the wine that is untarnished by any weather excesses.

Some wine refrigerators have digital display systems. They have a one-touch system for better convenience. These systems are filled with the knowledge of what kind of temperature and atmospheric conditions are needed for different kinds of wines. This makes people who are not so educated about wines to also keep wines in the right manner.

Wine refrigerators can be as small as a dishwasher or as large as a cabinet. People buy them according to their needs. The price depends on the size of the refrigerator too. Small wine refrigerators, which are used to keep about a dozen bottles of wine, are popular among households. On the other hand, the cabinet style wine refrigerator is much-liked by people who collect and consume wines as a passion.

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