Wine Dispenser

A wine dispenser is a fantastic way to ensure that your last glass of wine is just as good as the first. Numerous establishments and at-home wine enthusiasts will find using a wide dispenser extremely handy. They are known to offer great value and can even help to increase the overall value of a bottle of wine. Wine dispensers typically use a compressed gas cylinder, whereby each disposable cylinder has the ability to preserve and dispense up to a total of 25 bottles of wine.

One of the most popular types of wine dispenser that is typically used in fine hotels and restaurants is the Winekeeper preservation system. With this specific system you never have to worry about wasting any wine or having to finish the bottle. The Winekeeper preservation and dispensing system is able to preserve a bottle of wine with nitrogen gas. This, in turn, will prevent flavors or colors going off, which is typically caused by oxidation. This system is able to dispense wine from several bottles without the need to ever worry about wasting a partial bottle. This specific system has various configurations that generally start from four bottles to twelve bottles or more. The Winekeeper system is available in various choices of woods or, indeed, other finishes. They will also usually encompass a decorative faucet bonnet. This system is able to keep your wine cooler, preserve it and dispense both red and white wine.

The Keeper is yet another wine dispensing and preservation system, although it is known to be potentially the simplest system in existence. You merely need to uncork your wine, place the stopper in, plug in your nitrogen and then simply serve. Once you have served your wine you can unplug the nitrogen and are able to store the bottle in either a fridge or bar. The nitrogen is able to displace oxygen within the bottle, which can prevent any negative effects that oxidation may have on your wine. Should you wish to use this type of wine dispenser you also have the ability to purchase extra stoppers or wine preservation nitrogen canisters.

Yet another form of wine dispenser is the Vintner wine dispensing system. This can provide equal quality at home or in a restaurant or hotel. This system is known to keep your wine fresh and will eventually save you a lot of money. The Vintner wine dispenser system will typically have a three bottle solid wood cabinet that is finished in lacquer. You will notice that this system has additional room at the back that is able to conceal the regulator and canister. This system will usually also have a brass bottle holder, three stopper faucets, disposable canister, a regulator, quick connections and also tubing. The Vintner wine dispenser is able to protect your wine from oxidizing by the use of a pressurized blanket of nitrogen.

A slightly different version of a wine dispenser is the Pek wine preservation and Pek wine steward. This system will specifically use argon gas to displace any form of oxygen inside your wine bottle. This will, obviously, prevent your wine from oxidizing or the flavors going off. This system will ensure that your wine is completely safe from any harmful effects of air, so you literally never have to worry about wasting a drop of wine. The Pek steward system is typically used to preserve a single bottle of wine. This system also has precision cooling. The argon preservation system and stoppers are typically used for multiple bottles of wine. There has been a relatively new invention which includes click and pour stoppers. This will ensure that you are able to save the argon, thus allowing you to pour more bottles. You will notice that the Pek wine dispensing system both looks and functions beautifully. Your white wines will be perfectly cooled, while all red wines will remain at room temperature. The Pek system is known to be the most high-tech of all wine dispensing systems.

Possibly the most popular wine dispenser is the Napa. This high-quality wine dispenser is handcrafted and made from custom quality cabinetry. It uses nitrogen gas preservation technology and is able to be customized to dispense red wine and white wine. You will find that the unit uses cold-plate refrigeration, which will require defrosting manually. This system will keep red wine within a range of 58°F to 64°F. White wine will be kept within a temperature range of 42°F to 48°F. The cabinet exteriors are generally offered in either an oak or mahogany finish, whereas the nitrogen cylinder will be sold separately. This unit also comes with lights and thermometer and a two-stage regulator. Should you wish to purchase the Napa wine dispenser it currently retails at $1475. This wonderful wine dispensing system is generally custom built to order and you will, therefore, need to allow up to 6 to 10 weeks for it to be manufactured and then delivered.

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