Wine Bottle Cooler

One of the most frustrating things about holding a dinner party is finding room for all the wine bottles. The main fridge is normally packed with food for the party. A bar fridge can hold a couple of bottles but you need more than for a really good dinner party. The best option for storing and chilling wine bottles is to use wine bottle cooler. This specially designed bar fridge has curved racks for holding the bottles on their side, and many have a glass door that allows you to see what bottles are inside without opening the door.

Ideally, wine should be stored in a climate-controlled environment. When stored at a temperature and humidity that is less than optimal, wine tends to lose some of its flavor and tastes a bit strange. The temperature inside a fridge goes up and down every time the door is opened, which makes the household fridge a bad place to store wine bottles. The same applies to a bar fridge if you use it to store beer and soft drink cans. If you are serious about the quality of your wines, a wine bottle cooler is really the only choice. But it can also be used to store soft drink bottles which are roughly the same size as a wine bottle.

A wine bottle cooler uses the same amount of electricity as a bar fridge so there is little difference in their running costs. The price tag of a wine bottle cooler is normally much higher because more work has gone into making it look attractive. The outside is typically made of stainless steel, with chrome or platinum trim around the door frame. Most models have a tempered-glass panel in the middle of the door, which is a feature that is almost never found on regular bar fridges. A slim metal handle is another common feature that adds a touch of class to the overall appearance.

As mentioned before, wine needs to be stored at a precise temperature. The controls on a regular fridge are too crude to achieve this, and there is no indication of what the temperature is inside the fridge. A good wine bottle cooler will have touch-sensitive controls on the outside of the door, and an LED display that shows the temperature setting and the current temperature. The best models have two sections that allow you to store different wines at different temperatures. Another good feature is an alarm that goes off when the temperature falls too low and warning you that someone has left the door open.

The capacity of a wine bottle cooler largely determines the price you will pay. The smaller models that hold up to eight bottles cost around $150, while the larger models that hold over twenty bottles normally cost over $300. The smaller models typically have a thermoelectric cooling unit, which is quieter and uses less power than a regular fridge with a compressor. If you need to move the wine bottle cooler around the home, look for a model that has wheels on the base. If you want to stand the bottles up instead of lying them down, make sure that the racks can be easily removed.

The cost of a wine bottle cooler is not that high, but it’s enough for anyone on a budget to question whether they should get one. If you like to share a bottle of wine with your partner after you get home from work, a wine bottle cooler would certainly be worth buying. But it’s probably not worth investing in one if you only buy wine on rare occasion. One thing is for certain, a wine bottle cooler is the only fridge that will look good in your dining room. Even if you never use it for wines, there are many other foods and drinks that can go in it.

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