Window Fan

If you are like a lot of people, sometimes you just need the air to move around your home to keep you comfortable. You don’t necessarily need the air conditioner on and you might not want the windows and doors open because of the bugs or leaves falling off the trees, but you need air to circulate to keep you cool and comfortable. A great way to achieve this affect is to install a window fan. There are many different types of window fans to choose from and many people shy away from the idea because they think of the window fan of 20 years ago. 20 years ago this was a big, bulky, unattractive nuisance that was more bothersome than it was effective. Today the window fan has been upgraded and is better than ever.

When you shop for a window fan today you will notice that you have a lot of different options. Even the basic window fan is a vast improvement on models of the past. Today these fans are not as unsightly as they once were. In fact, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors so you can be sure to get a window fan that fits well into the window that you need it in. You’ll also find that the options in colors allow for you to choose a fan that will not be a huge eye sore and something that your neighbors and you cannot stand looking at. Instead, you can find something that blends well enough with your home.

In addition, the window fan is now much more quiet when operating than before. Now you will be able to have conversations when the fan is on and yet still get the benefit of the air circulation. The fan will pull the cooler air from outside into the home with a force that is just fast enough to cool your home but without being so noisy that it does away with its convenience. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a window fan without all of the noise you may have associated with them in the past. It is worth mentioning that if you buy a higher quality window fan you will actually have a quieter operation, but even the more affordable options are much quieter when operating than the fans of the past.

Today many of the window fans have several different speeds to choose from. If you just need a little bit of air circulating around the room than you can put the fan on the lowest speed. If you need a bit more air circulating around you can change up the speed to meet your needs. This is a nice option to have because it will likely delay your turning on the air conditioner, which will help you save on your electric bills and simply feel more comfortable when you are in your home.

Many of the window fan units today even have a thermostat on them. You can set the thermostat so whenever the temperature goes above or below your preferred temperature it will kick on or off. This will allow you to keep the home as cool and comfortable as possible at all times.

The window fan of today is just a lot more appealing than it was in the past. If you don’t have an air conditioner or you want to cut down on its use, this is a great option. You can install one in the living areas of your home and keep quite comfortable throughout most of the year. With all of the new options available with them, you may find that you quite like the window fan of today.

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