Window Alarms

Home security is something that most homeowners are concerned about, and rightly so given that crime always increases as more people lose their jobs. But there are so many security products available that it can be hard to decide which ones are the best to get. Window alarms are an affordable and effective way of securing your windows, without having to install a complete home alarm system. They are attached to the glass by a strong adhesive strip, and emit a loud sound whenever the glass vibrates. Window alarms eliminate the need for ugly bars and security shutters on the windows, which can trap people trying to escape a fire.

Window alarms are good for alerting you when someone has opened a window, but they are not really suitable for windows that are opened frequently. The last thing you want to hear early in the morning is a noisy alarm that goes off when the slide doors are open. Window alarms are ideal for small windows that are rarely opened, such as those in the basement and attic. They are also good if you have small children who like to climb out of windows on the ground floor. Unless you have a fence and a locked gate, it only takes a short time for a child to reach the road. While window alarms are not a substitute for proper supervision, every parent knows that it is impossible to keep track of children all the time.

A window alarm is able to detect movement because it has a tiny motion sensor inside the case. The sensor is similar to the type used in smartphones and digital music players which change their display based on how you move them. When activated, a window alarm emits a very loud noise for a short period of time before resetting itself. The real purpose of these alarms is to alert people inside the home, so they are not normally loud enough to alert the neighbors. Window alarms only detect movement of the glass attached to them. If a window has two sections, there should be an alarm on each section because an intruder could carefully open the other section without the alarm going off.

Window alarms are easy to install and can be working within minutes of being taken out of their package. They are powered by batteries so no wiring is required, and they are not linked to a base station like other alarms. You simply peel the protective label from the adhesive strip and then press the alarm firmly against the glass. The adhesive strip is very strong so you only get one shot at aligning the alarm on the window. If the alarm is placed too close to the center, it will be more sensitive to vibration and could activate during thunderstorms. The best position is in one of the corners, just a few inches away from the edge.

If you are unsure that window alarms are right for you, there are plenty of other security products that you can choose from. Window locks are a cheap and effective way to stop windows from being forced open. Doorstop alarms are similar to window alarms except that they activate when a door is moved. Door braces provide extra protection in case someone tries to force a door lock open. A driveway light with a motion sensor automatically turns on when it detects something moving in front of it. There are even driveway monitors that can warn you when a vehicle enters the driveway. Finally, a home alarm system is a proven way of scaring off intruders who manage to break into your home, and can also alert others that something is happening.

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