Wii LAN Adapter

The Nintendo WII, an extremely popular gaming console can be linked to the Internet through wireless connections. However, wireless connections are not used widely, and only a handful of users of Nintendo Wii make use of wireless connections. Nintendo has realized that if the Internet cannot be accessed on Nintendo Wii through wired connections, then it can seriously hamper the overall sales of Wii. As a result, they came up with Wii LAN Adapters. These adapters make it possible for users of Nintendo Wii to access the internet with wired connections.

Users also need to have access to an Ethernet cable. This cable needs to be plugged into an Ethernet port that is located behind the Wii-LAN-Adapter. In addition, users need to plug the Wii-LAN-Adapter into an USB cable which is located behind the Nintendo Wii. There are usually 2 USB ports on the Wii. Users can plug the Adapter into any of the ports.

In the past, the Nintendo corporation developed a wireless USB connector that allowed the Nintendo Wii to be linked to the Internet through wired connections. However, Nintendo soon was forced to phase out the product because CSIRO, which is a company based in Australia, filed a lawsuit against Nintendo. However, the company soon came up with another development – in the form of the Wii-LAN-Adapter – to replace their wireless USB connector. And now most users agree that the Wii-LAN-Adapter better fulfills their need of wired connections.

However, there are many limitations of a Wii LAN Adapter. For instance, using a Wii LAN Adapter may be troublesome for gamers who use DSL modems. This is because the Adapter is not compatible with the majority of the DSL modems. In addition, the adapter is not compatible with ISP connections, neither with dial-up connections. The reason for this is that the gamers will always need to sign-in to connect to the internet.

A major problem with the Wii-LAN-Adapter is that users can only purchase them from the official Nintendo website. As a result, their availability is limited. However, people can purchase unofficial versions of these adapters from other outlets.

Even though the Wii-LAN-Adapter is used to connect to the Internet, it is worth mentioning that users cannot play online games using the Nintendo Wii. However, the Local Area Network (LAN) is required for loading numerous Wii systems so that users can enjoy multi-players games. In addition, it is not at all that difficult to assemble the Wii-LAN-Adapter if the user follows the following steps:

  • First of all, the Ethernet cord has to be connected to the broadband model or the router. The Internet connection has to be sufficiently strong for the Wii to connect.
  • The users should connect the LAN adapter’s remaining end to the USB port located behind the Wii System. Only then should they switch on the Wii System.
  • After the Wii has been switched on, users should use the configuration menu to connect the Wii System to the LAN Adapter. For this purpose, they first need to click the Wii icon that is located on the left side of the screen, which will be followed by a new screen. Then, the users need to click the Wii Settings to go to another menu called “Wii System Settings 2”. Here, the users need to click the “Connection Settings” and then choose “Wired Connections”. After that, the Wii will start searching for Internet Connection.
  • The users then should follow the same procedure used by other Wii systems to connect to the Internet.

    However, even though setting up the Wii-LAN-Adapter is very easy, users need to be very careful. They should make sure that the Internet connection is strong and safe before they connect the LAN Adapter. In addition, they should not use (let alone “swing”) the controller (WiiMote) when they are near many people.

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