Wii Controller

Are you someone who is physically active and love to play games that get you on the move? If you are, you will love the Nintendo Wii games that let you throw the ball, hit the ball with a bat, swing a tennis racket or play a game of golf.

The Nintendo Wii controller has taken game playing to a whole new level. New technology recently developed uses infrared signals and is really a motion sensor type device that detects movements coming and going in all directions. When you hold the Wii controller in your hand and make movements with it you will see it displayed on the screen. Players who use the Wii controller can now have a truly interactive gaming experience. For example, suppose you are playing the game of bowling. You hold the wii controller like you would a bowling ball and use arm and hand movements just as you would if you were really throwing it down the bowling lane. Your movements control how the ball is thrown on the screen. The pins are hit calculated by the technology in the Wii controller on how the ball is thrown.

This is cutting edge technology to the max. The Wii controller is a wireless console that uses a sensor to detect the buttons you are pushing. People are using Wii games to get in their daily exercise, practice their golf swing and even very small children can use the Wii controller. Video gaming has been shifted to the max and it is all because of Nintendo’s Wii controller. It is small and easy to hold, in one or both hands and no other gaming system uses a controller like this.

Anyone who considers himself to be an avid gamer can play for hours and hours while using the wii controller and never seem to get tired. All movements are free to make, but the player can be directed by the speaker in the Wii controller so they can get feed back on the accuracy of their moves.

There is one small disadvantage that the Wii controller has and that is the fact that the device can start to get a little slippery if you are playing aggressively enough and start sweating. Sweaty hands will make it hard to hold onto the controller.

The Wii game controller uses Bluetooth technology to connect the Wii game console. If you want to have multiple players in a game, you will need to have the right number of Wii controllers. You would also be smart to get extra rechargeable batteries so you can quickly replace the ones that run down and need to be recharged.

You may want to buy a Wii sports pack that has attachments for your games such as a golf club grip, a baseball bat and a mini tennis racket. These all can be added on and attached to the Wii controller very quickly. There is even a steering wheel that you can hold when you are playing car games so that you will really give you a sense of driving when playing the games.

Nintendo Wii controllers can be found at many online retail stores and outlets who are selling them at very reasonable prices. You may even find a good discount if you search for one or at the very least, you can find some stores that will offer really low shipping charges. Other than the internet, you can find a Wii controller at stores like target, Best Buy, Wal Mart and many other stores in your area.

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