Wii Accessories

The Wii has changed the nature of gaming. Prior to the Wii, gaming was commonly viewed as something that only teenagers and nerds enjoyed. However, the Wii has gotten rid of this stereotype. Thanks to the Wii, people of all ages are now enjoying video games. Not only are they enjoying video games, but they are enjoying playing these games with their friends and family. The Wii is by far the most active and social gaming console available. If you love playing games on your Wii, you will enjoy enhancing your gaming experience with Wii accessories.

The MotionPlus is included with new Wii controllers. Fortunately, even if you have an older Wii controller, you can still add this great accessory. The purpose of the MotionPlus is to increase the accuracy of your Wii controller. Although your older Wii controller detects most of your movements, this accessory will allow it to detect your more subtle movements. The MotionPlus takes your gaming to the next level by providing you with an even more realistic experience. Once you add the MotionPlus to your older Wii controllers, you can use it with games like Red Steel 2, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and Virtua Tennis 2009.

What makes the Wii different from other gaming consoles is that most people don’t sit when they play their Wii. Instead, they stand up so they can have a full range of motion with their Wii controller. With the Wii Balance Board, you can make your experience even more active. The Wii Balance Board is a compact platform that sits on the floor. When you’re ready to play a game with the Balance Board, you will stand on this accessory. It will then sense your weight and balance as you move your body. You can enjoy the Balance with Punch-Out, A Sports Active, Super Monkey Ball: Step and Roll and more.

If you enjoy playing racing games, you will like using the Wii Wheel. The Wii Wheel is a very easy to use accessory. Not only is the Wii Wheel fun to use, but it actually improves your racing gameplay. It’s easier to control the car you’re driving on the screen when you have an actual wheel in your hands. You can use the Wii Wheel to test your racing skills in games like Mario Kart Wii, F1 2009 and Need for Speed: NITRO.

The Wii Zapper actually combines two other Wii components. The two components this accessory combines are the controller and Nunchuk. While you can use these two components without the Wii Zapper, it’s a lot more enjoyable to hook them into the Zapper. Because it’s shaped like a rifle, the Wii Zapper makes it easier to maintain your balance and focus while you are playing a shooting game. If you purchase the Wii Zapper, you will receive a free copy of Link’s Crossbow Training. This fun game will test your shooting skills through a wide variety of challenges. You can also use the Zapper with popular games like Dead Space Extraction, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition.

Because the Wii is such a social console, it makes sense that you want to talk to other players. Even if there’s no one else in the room with you, you can still talk to other people by using the Wii Speak. This accessory is a hands-free microphone. It sits out of the way on top of your TV. When you use this accessory with the Wii Speak Channel, you will be able to talk to other Wii enthusiasts all over the globe.

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