WiFi Signal Booster

You may have a wireless internet router already installed in your home so that you can connect to the internet without using wires on your desktop and/or laptop. While your router is in one room, you may have a wireless DVR in another room or some other wireless device you want to use like a wireless laptop. You may want to move your laptop from room to room but in the process you find that you have some dead spots and it will not be able to connect or it will operate very slowly. Sometimes the signal strength may not be as strong as you would like it to be to operate your wireless devices properly if they are being used a distance away from your router. The solution to your problem is a WiFi signal booster.

Wireless networking has become extremely popular these days. You can find a WiFi hotspot in many locations such as in coffee shops, airports, etc. Even some towns have whole areas of free WiFi hotspots available for people to use and enjoy. If you have a wireless notebook you may have trouble connecting to the internet in these hotspots if their signal strength is weak. A WiFi signal booster could extend the range of the signal and make it stronger so people on the outer edges of the hotspot could still make use of it.

Wireless is fantastic, no more cables to run or Ethernet cables to mess with. You can take your wireless notebook anywhere. Since WiFi signals are stronger the closer you are to the transmitter, it only makes sense the further away you are, the weaker the signal will be. This is where a WiFi signal booster can help you get a stronger signal. You will find that the strength of the signal really does matter. Especially to be able to get the best usage out of your wireless laptop connection, so the stronger the better.

A wireless LAN uses a router to transmit and receive radio signals. Wireless routers will normally have a range of about 100 to several hundred feet. Adding a WiFi signal booster can increase its strength up to 600%. If you happen to own a business and add a WiFi signal booster, it will significantly increase the signal strength at further distances so all of your employees can use the wireless LAN.

Adding a second wireless router like Linksys, Hawkins or any other wireless router is one way of getting a WiFi signal booster. Some WiFi signal boosters will allow you to just simply piggyback the second wireless router onto your original wireless access point router. This is an effective way to get your WiFi signal booster set up. You will then have added signal strength. This will really speed up your close range communications too.

A WiFi signal booster will drive signals to hard to reach areas. Distant corners will be able to still pick up a WiFi signal, even in large warehouse areas, public spaces and outdoor venues of various kinds. A WiFi signal booster will give the added extra coverage for any wireless LAN. Typically all you have to do to install a WiFi signal booster and then move your antenna cables to the WiFi signal booster that is stacked onto the wireless access point router. If you do not feel comfortable installing a WiFi signal booster yourself, you can a professional to install it for you.

A WiFi signal booster not only increases the strength of the signal over distances but it also boosts wireless networking performance because it will also increase the speed of data transmissions too. WiFi boosters can be found at many online merchant sites and prices may vary depending on which brand you choose.

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