Widescreen Computer Monitor

For those who prefer more out of their computer monitor, there is the widescreen computer monitor. There are many factors to consider, including monitor width, resolution, how it adjusts on its stand, how many “dead pixels” are present, and what you are using the monitor for.

The Viewsonic VX1940w is considered a good value with high resolution and adequate functionality. However, dark scenes leave much to be desired on DVDs and games, smaller type isn’t sharp enough and the monitor isn’t good for photo or video editing. The 19-inch Viewsonic VX1940w is generally considered a good buy, and the 1,680-pixel traditionally found in 20- to 22-inch monitors renders a very sharp image. The monitor is great for home and office use, but graphic designers will probably want something with more accurate color calibration.

The 20-inch Samsung SyncMaster 2053BW is considered a good value and for home use a good display. The stand is criticized for not being adjustable, controls are described as awkward and graphic professionals are encouraged to find a better monitor. Among 20-inch monitors, the Samsung SyncMaster 2053BW is probably your best bet.

The 22-inch Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW is described as a good value that is good for home use with a good bezel. The stand has limited adjustability, there is slight color bleeding around the edges, and the frame easily shows fingerprints and dust. The Samsung SyncMaster 2253BWis considered the best value among 22-inch monitors for general computer use. This model also comes in 20- and 24-inch lengths. This monitor will give you firm results on gaming, text, graphics, videos and more.

The Samsung SyncMaster 2443BWX, also considered a good value, is a good widescreen computer monitor for home use because it has a lot of versatility. It isn’t as overly bright as a lot of its competitors, which can be good for those whose eyes are easily strained. As is the case with its cousins, the Samsung SyncMaster 2443BWX sits on an swkward stand, has viewing angles that can be improved upon and there is no built-in HDMI port. Still, the Samsung SyncMaster 2443BWX is considered an affordable choice with many capabilities. And at 24 inches, it also has a 1,920 X 1,200-pixel resolution that surpasses those of its 20- and 22-inch counterparts. Gamers like the crisp image, as do those who work with graphics and text.

The Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP is considered a great buy for photographers and videographers, or those working with text. There are many countability options and wonderful adjustability, unlike the Samsung SyncMasters. However, the Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP is reported to have some video blurring, and some question the color quality. Spend a little more money if you want a crisper image, and gamers would be better suited with another model. Still, the Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP is a good model for photographers and graphic artists. However, if you’re looking for a computer monitor for home, you are better suited with a more affordable model.

A little about pixels: Pixels are actually made of three subpixels of red green and blue. A screen’s resolution is the measure, horizontally and vertically, of the number of pixels on the monitor. A “dead pixel” is signified by a red, green or blue dot on the screen or it can be stuck in lighted or dark mode. Unfortunately, one dead pixel isn’t enough to merit a warranty redemption. However, this is something to look for and most companies have a certain quota as to how many dead pixels are too much. It also depends on the screen size.

When considering a widescreen computer monitor, consider the following:

  • There are different types of monitors. If your eyes get easily strained, consider one using VA panel technology. This is especially handy if you’re in front of documents or spreadsheets all of the time. VA panel technology also is a good choice for a multifunctional monitor under a budget. TN panels are inexpensive choices good for gamers. They’re also good for general purposes. For image editing, there are the costly IPS-based monitors.
  • Widescreen computer monitors are frequently criticized for not being consistent in the areas of brightness, lighting and viewing angles. Distortion is also often discovered along the edges and “video noise.” As the size increases past 20 inches, the quality declines and using conventional shapes will help preserve the image quality.
  • If you’re a gamer, shoot for response-time compensation.
  • “Native” resolution is best, although a higher resolution usually means richer quality.
  • Contrast ration is the difference between dark black and bright white, which can help determine color richness. Beware of sellers’ claims and see it for yourself.
  • Consider adjustability factors such as height of stand, the ease in which the monitor can move and whether it can move at different angles. Close your eyes and imagine it in your home of office.
  • Look for connectablilty options, such as USB ports and analog and digital connectors. Make sure you’re getting what you need.
  • Make sure your widescreen compute monitor is compatible with your operating system.

Widescreren computer monitors get more and more interest, with wireless offerings and green, energy-efficient alternatives. The government has established standards for technology that is considered Energy Star qualified. Energy Star qualified monitors use 25 to 60 percent less energy than their traditional counterparts. Of course, this all depends on how the monitors are used.

To earn the Energy Star designation, monitors must:

  • not surpass a power threshold in on mode that varies from monitor to monitor.
  • consume 2 or fewer watts in sleep mode.
  • consume 1 watt or less in off mode.

Consumers are encouraged to enable energy-saving controls, and the government says doing so can also extend the life of your monitor. Businesses that use Energy Star monitors can benefit as well. Examples of energy-efficient widescreen computer monitors include the Asus VH192C and VH196 and the brands that include Acer, Dell, Philips, Samsung, LG, Fujitsu, EIZO, BenQ, Gateway, HP, and more. To view a complete listing, visit EnergyStar.gov and perform a search based on your specific needs.

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