Western Digital Hard Drive

Many people have used a Western Digital hard drive at some time or another, probably without even knowing it. They can be found in many of the desktop and notebook computers used at home and work. The various brand names would be familiar to anyone who buys hard drives separately. They include the Caviar and Scorpio internal drives, as well as the My Passport and My Book external drives. Western Digital also make a range of solid state drives, which will probably outsell hard drives at some point in the future. But for now, hard drives provide one of the best value for money storage options available.

Western Digital has been making hard drives since the beginning of the computer industry. The company has nearly forty years of experience and is now the second largest manufacturer of hard drives, following Seagate. In that time, Western Digital has gained a reputation for quality and reliability. Its main competitors in the hard drive market include Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate, and Toshiba. Western Digital produces a large range of internal, external, and portable hard drives. It produces other storage solutions too, but hard drives are their core business.

Western Digital also make a range of solid state drives, called SiliconDrive. It should be remembered that a Western Digital hard drive is not a solid state drive. A hard drive contains a motor, actuator arms, and one or more platters. A platter is a thin disc with a metal coating that holds data on its surfaces. The motor turns the platters at a high speed while the actuator arms moves across the surface of the platters, reading and writing data as they goes. On the other hand, a solid state drive uses memory chips and contains no mechanical parts. For this reason, it is generally quicker and more efficient that a mechanical hard drive.

There is probably no other Western Digital hard drive more well known than the Caviar. It has been around since the 1990s and is a popular choice for desktop computers, with three models currently on the market. The Caviar Blue is designed for the mainstream home and work computer. Capacities range from 250GB to 750GB, and it has a three year warranty. The Caviar Green is quieter, cooler, and uses less power. Capacities range from 500GB to 2TB, and it also has a three year warranty. The Caviar Black is designed for high performance and features a larger cache. Capacities from 500GB to 1TB, and it has a five year warranty.

Western Digital also make a range of portable hard drives, called My Passport. Inside the compact case of every My Passport, there is a Western Digital hard drive and a USB interface. One important advantage they have is their ability to get power from a USB cable, which removes the need for a power adapter. The Essential, Elite, and Elements models in this range are formatted for use with computers running the Windows operating system. There are also two model formatted for use with Apple Mac computers. My Passport drives are available in various capacities from 250GB to 1TB, and some models also have color options for the case.

The Caviar and My Passport are not the only brands of Western Digital hard drive. There is also the Scorpio Blue and Scorpio Black internal hard drives for notebook computers, and the My Book range of external hard drives for desktop storage. Another great product that Western Digital make is the WD TV HD Media Player. It is a useful accessory for someone who owns a My Passport drive and wishes to play the media it contains on a television or sound system. It can also be used with a USB flash drive. A display menu that allows photos, music, and movies stored on a drive to be selected using its remote control. The media player does not come with any storage device so one will need to be purchased separately.

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