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Often considered as the Cadillac of boilers, Weil McLain has been one of the foremost manufacturers of the boilers, furnaces and water heaters for a long time. Their extremely durable and energy efficient boilers are produced in multiple formats and are directed to be used across all parts of the society. Weil McLean produces wide ranges of boilers starting from oil fired to gas fired ones, and are produced for both industrial and residential environments.

Weil McLain manufactures a number of models, whose applications usually vary according to the specs. One of them is the Oil fired boilers, which are typically touted as one of the best boilers of its kind across the globe. Usually oil fired boilers such as the Ultra series are dedicated water boilers and come across with an option for the venting system. Consumers can choose between direct or chimney venting, according to the setup they want to install the boilers. With an energy efficient three pass system, the Ultra Oil Boiler series from Weil McLean doesn’t require any power assisted fan. Servicing is made extremely convenient by adding a swing burned door for easy accessibility of the units. Along with the basic functionalities, the Ultra Oil fired series also comes with advanced customization options and safety settings which make Weil McLain a premier competitor in the line of Oil fired boilers worldwide.

Apart from the oil fired boilers, Weil McLain also produces top of its class, highly efficient, heavy duty gas fired boilers as well. These units are also produced in both commercial and residential formats, and are extremely competent products for heating a compound or home of any size. The Weil McLain gas fired boilers comes in EG, CGT, CGI and Ultra Series 2 gas fired boilers along with a host of legacy units which the first continues to manufacture to this date. Weil McLain’s power BTU capacity gas fired boilers are considered one of the best in it’s’ category, and consistent performances and ease of maintenance make them extremely sought after products in the market.

Typical gas fired boiler units by Weil McLain are all equipped with state of the art components, while individual units may vary in respect to their functionalities. For example, the EG series are known as atmospheric units and can work with both steam and water applications – and come with a whopping choice of 8 models with different BTU capacity. The Ultra Series 2 series are manufactured with Precision Hydronic Data technology, and are extremely energy efficient units. One of the most popular of the gas fired boiler series are the CGI units, and they come with tank-less designs for better heating efficiency. Most of the series have multiple models based on the BTU capacity, and the CGI units are no exceptions, only that they are generally powerful compared to the other existing series with BTU ranges over 100,000.

Certified technicians generally hails the Weil McLain boilers as one of the best and considers them as one of the most durable and efficient boilers out in the market. Recommended yearly tune-ups ensures that the longevity is maintained, although the overall maintenance cost by certified technicians can reach up to 6 figures annually. It is extremely important that the boiler units are installed properly and it is highly recommended that competent workforce is being used for the technicians. General complaints like cracking castings typically arise from improper installations and even though may not appear for years depending on the specific model and turgidity. Problems might also arise from the inferior quality of the replacements parts, lack of maintenance or even poor workmanship on the units.

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  1. S. Preast says:

    We had a Weil-Mclean boiler combined with an Amtrol hot water heater installed in our home 5 years ago. We are extremely happy with its operation and its positive affect on our heating costs

  2. Art Valenza says:

    I have been installing and servicing Weil McLain boilers both residential and commercial for 40 years and know that they are the best. If anyone is having a problem with one, it is probably not installed properly. This is the cause of most complaints. The Ultra boiler is an beautiful piece of equipment. I have sold and installed many and have never had one complaint, only praise about how quiet and efficient they are. The contractors installing these high tech boilers that are out there today, need to read the instructions. If they follow the manufacturers instructions, they won’t have a problem. We have rectified many systems that have been installed by others or homeowners that didn’t bother to read the instructions.
    Weil McLain is made in my country, the U.S.A. and it is the only boiler that I sell.

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