Weber Gas Grills

It’s a hot summer day and the whole family is at home. Perhaps it’s a holiday or another special occasion. There is a pound of ground beef in the fridge and perhaps some delectable fresh vegetables in the crisper. What to do? How about a cookout! Grilling outside is a great American tradition and one that has been helped along quite a bit by that ubiquitous product, the Weber gas grill.

It is a true fact that Americans use any occasion they can find to whip out their Weber gas grills. What do we do on the 4th of July? Have a cookout. What about that long Labor Day weekend? Let’s grill outdoors. What should we do this Memorial Day? Throw some steaks on the Weber gas grill, of course! Cooking outside on a Weber gas grill is about an American of a tradition as mom’s homemade fried chicken or apple pie fresh out of the oven. So how did grilling become such a true American past time? Let’s find out.

A gentleman named E. G. Kingsford is responsible for promoting the grill to average Americans. A contemporary of Henry Ford, at the time the vaunted manufacturer of the Model T, Kingsford had an excellent idea. Noticing that Ford’s lauded assembly lines were producing a large amount of wood scraps, which were then being summarily discarded, Kingsford suggested to Ford that someone establish a charcoal manufacturing facility next to the assembly line. At the time, Ford established the charcoal company himself, using the Ford name, but upon Kingsford’s death, the company was renamed Kingsford Charcoal Company in the great man’s honor. And that is how we came to know and love Kingsford charcoal.

Where charcoal grills went, gas grills – such as the much loved Weber gas grill – were soon to follow. The first gas grills were introduced in the United States in the era of fast cars, Beatlemania and beach blank bingo – the 1960’s. A gentleman named William G. Wepfer and his partner, Melton Lancaster, invented the gas grill while working for the Arkansas and Louisiana power and light company. Wouldn’t you know it, but the first natural gas grills were developed by two men who were charged with finding ways to sell more natural gas to the people of Louisiana and Arkansas?

Whatever the reasoning behind the invention of the gas grill, they were a hit. Gas grills, like the wildly popular Weber gas grill of today, can use two types of fuel as a fuel source – either propane or natural gas. To accommodate the appetites Americans have for variety, Weber gas grills come in all sizes – from small, individual sized steak cookers to large industrial sized grills that could cook enough to feed everyone in an entire restaurant.

Weber gas grills cook food in one of two ways. They either cook food directly by place it on the Weber gas grills’ heating elements, or they heat the grilling element’s to that they radiate enough heat to cook the food. No matter what fuel or what method you use to cook food on a Weber gas grill, chances are good that it is going to be delicious!

For ease of use, many Weber gas grills are made in what is known as the grill cart style. Weber gas grills in the grill start style, include the grill along with a cart that holds the grill. This makes the Weber gas grill easy to transport and also creates a safe space where people can avoid burns or other injury. Plus, it does not hurt that most grill carts come with spaces on the side where you can sit plates or platters to collect the food you’ve just grilled! If you are in the market for a Weber gas grill, head out to your local department store, sporting goods store or home appliance shop.

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