WD TV HD Media Player

Media players are popular right now because many people like to store photos, music, and videos on their home computers. However, it can be a problem getting that media from a computer to the home entertainment system. You can burn lots of discs, or even connect the computer to the system, but an easier way is to use a media player. The WD TV HD Media Player may have a strange name but that does not diminish how good it is. It allows you to play media stored on a portable hard drive or flash drive without the need for a computer.

The abbreviations at the front of WD TV HD Media Player stand for Western Digital (WD), Television (TV), and High Definition (HD). Western Digital is one of the largest manufacturers of computer hard drives in the world and they have a good reputation for making quality products. Within the compact case of the media player is everything required to play media stored on a Western Digital My Passport portable hard drive, My Book external hard drive, or any USB storage device.

One of the benefits of using digital media is that it can be quickly accessed and copied between storage devices. Many people copy all their DVD movies onto a hard drive and use that instead of searching for a disc every time they want to watch a movie. By doing so, they can also remove the trailers and other annoying material that is shown before the movie. Digital media storage is a major trend that will continue growing and may even replace the DVD some day. Until computers and entertainment devices are more able to work together, media players will be necessary to bridge the gap between them.

The amazing thing about the WD TV HD Media Player is just how small it is. Roughly the same size as a paperback novel, it is one of the smallest set-top boxes around. The glossy black finish is similar to that used on flat screen televisions, which makes the player look attractive when placed next to one, unlike most gray or silver set-top boxes. The only distinguishing feature on the front panel is two small indicator lights, while the back panels has sockets for composite AV, HDMI, USB, TOSLINK, and the power adapter.

The WD TV HD Media Player has no internal storage and does not have a storage device included. For anyone who already owns a Western Digital My Passport or My Book portable hard drive, buying this inexpensive player is a good choice. Everyone else will need to factor in the cost of buying one of these drives. They can also use a USB flash drive if they do not require much storage space. The player supports many different media formats and can play full 1080p high definition video.

Each box contains a media player, power adapter, hard drive cradle, composite AV cable, remote control with batteries, and an installation disc for the media converter software. Setting up the player is a quick and simple task that takes only a few minutes. The player is connected to the power adapter which is plugged into a wall socket. It is also connected to a source cable from the television. A composite cable is fine for standard definition but a HDMI cable should be used for high definition. Unfortunately, there is no HDMI cable included in the box, but most homes will have a spare one lying around.

To use the media player, a hard drive or USB flash drive is first plugged into the USB port at the back. Portable hard drives do not require a separate power source because they get their power through the USB cable. The cradle is used to hold the hard drive upright and keep it out of the way. The interface menu is quick to navigate with the tiny remote control. Photos, music, and videos are grouped into separate folders to make them easier to find, and photos can be viewed individually or as part of a slide show. Overall, the player is easy to use and can be operated by practically anyone.

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