Water Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is an essential household cleaning tool that every one needs to have. They generally produce a strong suction that sucks the dust and dirt from carpets and floors into a vacuum bag in a canister or body. Because ordinary vacuum cleaners tend to expel small particles of dust after being sucked up, a new kind of vacuum cleaner was developed. Now we have the water vacuum which is the result of advanced water filtration technology.

The water vacuum keeps the air cleaner as it sucks up dirt, dust and debris from floors and carpets. The water vacuum is the best type of vacuum that a person who suffers from allergies can have in their home. The water, acting as a filter, can remove mold, dust mites, pollen and other allergens from the air as it cleans. Most people who own a water vacuum say that these types of vacuums work really well at cleaning and keeping the air clear as they vacuum. Some people even add a fragrance or deodorizer to the water so the house smells great by the time they are done vacuuming.

A water vacuum is not without its problems however. It can become a chore to add water to the vacuum canister every time you vacuum. The water must also be emptied each time or else the container will begin to smell as the water can get stagnant and smell if left in the container for any length of time. When the water is poured out the water canister should be cleaned and wiped dry also. The water vacuum also tends to be very heavy and bulky. You need at least a half a gallon of water in most water vacuums. This can make the vacuum weigh and extra 4 pounds which tends to make it difficult to carry up and down steps or stairs. Not only do you have to carry the water canister, but you have to carry the hose and attachments as well so it can be difficult to maneuver

A new water vacuum on the market is available now that uses “aqua-force water filtration technology.” It is called the H20 Vac Turbo Water Filtration Vacuum cleaner. It delivers all the pet hair, fungus, dirt, dust, mold and other allergens directly to a water chamber. It also has a HEPA filter so it traps and contains almost 100% of the debris it sucks in. Individuals who use it rave about how much the air quality in their home improves once they begin using it. This water vacuum only uses a small water chamber compared to the others. The canister is lightweight and is much easier to maneuver up and down steps and around the home. You can also clean wet spills with this vacuum and it easily moves from carpet to wooden flooring. There are other tools included that use a telescopic handle for cleaning hard to reach areas.

The Shark CW240 Bagless Water Vacuum uses new water filtering technology as well. Ordinary tap water is used and the vacuum acts as a tubo suction dry vacuum, a wet vac and a stain extractor. It can clean up wet spills effortlessly. You only need to add 6 cups of water which will capture and contain dirt, dust, pollens etc. You simply empty the small water container in the toilet when you are finished vacuuming.

There are many other water vacuums on the market to choose from. Another advantage to them is the fact that you will not have to buy and replace bags anymore. These water vacuums may be a little more expensive but if you choose wisely you will be happy you invested a little more to keep your house cleaner and fresher smelling as well as healthier.

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