Water Source Heat Pump

A water source heat pump allows you to heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer while saving energy. A typical water source heat pump can save you as much as sixty percent off of your heating and cooling bill in a calendar year. They offer natural heat because they transfer the heat that is found in the ground. When choosing to purchase a water source heat pump you should check with a qualified and certified HVAC professional. He or she can inspect your home and tell you whether or not this product will be worth the purchase. Finding a qualified company is important so if you do not know of companies in your area then do a bit of research or ask for referrals from friends, neighbors and family members. It is important that you find a qualified professional to inspect your home as well as to install the heat pump to ensure that it works properly and gives you the benefits of energy savings.

You should also keep in mind specifics about the water pump itself such as the size that will benefit you most. If you purchase a water source heat pump that is too big for your needs then you will not enjoy the energy savings that they are designed to provide. A heat pump that is too small will not give you nearly enough power to heat and cool your home. This is another time when a professional will be able to help you. Someone who has experience in installing these heat pumps can tell you what specific size you need for your home to receive the most benefits.

Water source heat pumps in general are designed specifically to conserve energy. This makes them a popular choice in homes around the world today, particularly with the cost of heating and cooling constantly on the rise. Many businesses are also changing over to this style of heat pump in order to realize a larger savings on their energy as well. They provide much more efficiency than other heating and cooling choices and allow you to enjoy savings on your energy bills all throughout the year. Since they provide both heating and cooling capabilities, they eliminate the need for separate systems, saving you even more money in the long run.

Water source heat pumps also provide versatility with regards to where they need to be placed for optimal performance. You can place the pump virtually anywhere you want and still enjoy the benefits. The main unit of the heat pump couples with water loops that run through the house or building. The system uses a boiler as well as a cooling unit in order to heat and cool the home. The resource for water can be found in the ground as well as in a water well or a pond. Many businesses today enjoy the benefits of saving energy by using this method of heating and cooling. Various schools, offices, hotels, banks, apartment buildings and condominiums have all begun using a water source heat pump to provide heating and cooling at a much lower overall cost than traditional energy. There are a few different models that are currently available and the model that you choose will depend on where you plan to place the unit. Models available include the water floor mounted, rooftop, curb mounted and vertical floor mounted as well as a horizontal ceiling model and a geothermal resource center model which is very popular among many businesses today.

There are several manufacturers of water source heat pumps. You can check with your local heating and cooling company to see which model and manufacturer they use most often. The most commonly chosen manufacturers include Carrier, Climate Master, FHP Manufacturing and McQuay Klimaire among several others. The specific model that you choose may depend on the heating and cooling company that you select to install it and what their preferences are regarding brands.

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