Water Pressure Booster Pump

A booster pump is designed to provide an increase in water pressure for water that is moving into a sprinkler system. For instance, if you need to increase the pressure of your lawn’s sprinkler system, a booster pump will allow you to easily increase the water pressure and enjoy more output. When choosing a sprinkler booster pump there are many things that you need to consider. First, there are many sizes, styles, manufacturers and designs of these pumps. They vary in different ways and according to specific needs. Sprinkler booster pumps are very different from regular sprinkler pumps and vary greatly with regards to the type of job that they perform.

The main difference in the different types of water pressure booster pumps is in the brand names. The cost, ease of use and other aspects of the pump will vary depending on the manufacturer. Construction materials may also vary from brand to brand. Stainless steel is the most commonly found and provides an advantage over other materials because it is much more resistant to corrosion and rust.

Size is another difference between various sprinkler booster pump. The size of pump that you need will depend on the size of your lawn and garden area. The larger the booster pump, the more water pressure you will experience. Most sprinkler booster pumps are chosen based on their motor size and speed. Those that have larger motors will of course provide more water at a faster rate. A smaller pump will provide less water pressure. Those with large yards or garden areas will find that a booster pump with a larger motor is a much better choice as they can save time when watering.

There are some models that will cover greater spans of area. When choosing a sprinkler booster pump you should first consider the area that you will be watering. If you have a smaller lawn or garden then a small, inexpensive pump should work fine. If however you are planning to water a large lawn, football field, golf course or a large garden, you will need a more heavy duty pump that will provide more water pressure. A booster pump may actually not be needed at all for very small lawns. Those however that do have larger lawns or large garden areas to water will see the benefits of the added water pressure.

There are many options with regards to the size, shape and cost of a lawn sprinkler booster pump. You can find many online retailers that offer these products for sale or check with your local home and garden store. When choosing, be certain that you know the size of the lawn that you will be using the booster pump on to be sure to choose the right size of pump. You can install the sprinkler booster pump above ground very easily or if you prefer, you can install it under the ground hiding it away from those who see your lawn. This is actually up to your own preference and whether you prefer to have easier access to the booster pump.

The most important aspect is in choosing a water pressure booster pump from a reliable manufacturer so you know that you will have use of it for many years. Routine maintenance will also help you to prolong the life of your sprinkler booster pump. If you are unsure of just how to correctly install the pump, you can check with your local gardening center for instructions or hire a landscape specialist to install it for you. Be sure to inquire about a manufacturer’s warranty anytime you purchase products that are designed for seasonal use for several years and remember that the cheapest is not always the best. Take your time and read through the various brands and features and choose your pump based on your own specific watering needs.

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