Water Ionizer

Water makes up for the majority of the human body which means that it is the most essential nutrient for the human body. However, the water we consume is often said to be the cause of a variety of infections and possibly fatal diseases. This is due to water becoming harmful due to contamination and being consumed. No matter where you get your water from you will want to have some sort of water purifier for the water to avoid consuming any contaminated water.

Most people do not know what to look for when shopping for a water purifier. If you just go by what you see on the box then you may end up buying a product that is not very efficient at purifying your water. If you want to purchase the best water purifier possible then you will need to know exactly what to look for. Your best option would be to invest in a water purifier as it is one of the more effective types of water purifiers available.

What Does a Water Ionizer Do?
A water ionizer performs more tasks than a basic water purifier will. Instead of just getting rid of the harmful contents from the water it will also provide ionization of the water. This means that it will make sure that the water always has a healthy pH balance. More simply put, the water will always be acidic and alkaline.

When the water is ionized it will be scientifically altered and the nutritional value of the water will be increased. The end result will be water that went through a number of processes. It will be micro-clustered, ionized, and alkalized. After all these processes are complete it will finally be ready to be served and consumed. While there are many different tasks that the water ionizer has it is all accomplished nearly instantly as the device can be attached to your sink fixture.

How the Water Ionizer Works
When water first comes to the ionizer it will be required to be micro-clustered, ionized, and alkalized. It is after the water has already gone through the ionizer that it will receive a strong current comprised of a positive and a negative electrode (electrolysis). The result of this will be roughly 70% alkalized water and 30% acidified water.

Once the water goes through electrolysis it will have certain beneficial uses. The alkaline water will offer you many health benefits so it is best for consumption. The acidic water does not offer nearly as much nutritional value so it is preferable for other uses such as washing dishes. The alkaline water that has gone through a water ionizer can be consumed and used for cooking with no risks at all.

Alkaline Water Provides Better Hydrating Properties
Alkaline water is actually much more efficient at hydrating the body than basic water. This is due to the micro-cluster process that is completed in the water ionizer. Originally there are many h2O molecules that are in a cluster. The water ionizer will break these pieces down so that there are much smaller pieces that contain less h2O molecules (usually 6 or 7) than the amount of h2O molecules in basic water (usually 12 or 13). The result of the micro-clustering process will be easier and more effective absorption of the water by cells in the human body. Ultimately, this will lead to the body being hydrated much more effectively than it would be if it had not gone through the micro-clustering process.

Other Benefits of Ionized Water
Water that has gone through a water ionizer offers many more benefits besides what was already listed. In particular, when ionized water is used for cooking purposes there are a lot of benefits that you can take advantage of. Ionized water can modify the taste of the food for the better. It also causes the food to be better hydrated and this will make it easier to digest. The result of this will be nutrients being absorbed much more efficiently as well.

Ionized water can help with various bodily processes as well. It can increase the effectiveness of your body’s waste removal system. It is also effective at improving the functionality of various vital organs in the human body. Alkaline water can also be helpful when trying to lose weight. It obviously would not be a major factor in your weight loss but it does offer weight loss benefits. Basically, alkaline water increases the rate that toxins are removed from fat cells in your body. The result will be a decrease in size of your fat cells which leads to a weight loss. Lastly, alkaline water is a very strong antioxidant that can be effective at decreasing damage done to the body by free radicals.

Acidic water does not offer many nutritional benefits when consumed in large amounts. It is best used for household chores such as washing dishes, laundry, and brushing your teeth. Some people even use acidic water as a form of mouth wash. Additionally, marginally acidic water can be effective as an astringent and natural toner.

Final Thoughts
Purifying your water is mandatory if you want to prevent a variety of possible health issues from spurring. There are many possible problems with consuming unpurified water so it is important to have an effective water filtration system. A water ionizer is one of the most effective options you have. It does not just purify the water but it increases the benefits that the water can offer you as well.

Ionized water will offer you numerous health benefits when consumed and even when used for cooking purposes. To close, if you are looking for a water purifier then you should avoid all the sketchy products you see in stores and look for a water ionizer instead.

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