Water Filter Dispenser

Hardly anyone drinks water from the tap anymore. More and more people are filtering their water. Experts say that normal tap water can contain minerals and some chemicals including chlorine. By filtering your tap water you are taking steps to drink better, cleaner water. There are many ways to start filtering your water. With companies like Brita and PUR, they have everything you can think of for water filtration.

PUR water even has flavored water faucet filters. You simple place the flavored water filter on the kitchen faucet and you get flavored water when the water comes out of the faucet. This is for people who like a little flair with their water and it breaks up the monotony of plain old water. These filters are great and all but if you want something more efficient try the water filter dispenser. These are water pitchers that have built in filters. They also come with changeable filters as well as strainers that will help trap the water particles only allowing clean water to pass into the pitcher.

These water filter dispensers come in different sizes, they come in slim containers, classic containers, medium and large containers. They come in different styles and different colors. But what is the real difference between the water filter and the water filter dispenser. With the dispenser you can store more filtered water in the refrigerator and this will keep the water colder longer. Plus a big difference is that the strainer that comes with eth dispensers. Filter water from the faucet will purify the water better but it won’t catch as many particles as the water filter dispenser.

The water filter dispenser may cost a bit more and you will have to change the filter every 3 months or so. But it is well worth the extra money to protect your family from drinking water with black floating particles. With a faucet filter you cannot see these as they pass into the water, the water may be free of iron or chlorine but the particles have no place to go except into the water.

Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that you are giving your family cleaning water without chemicals or particles? These water filter dispensers are great for the home or the office. You can add ice to the dispensers to help keep water even colder. Even bottled water isn’t as pure as water through a water filter dispenser.

These dispensers are great for dinner parties, family dinners and even picnics. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a glass of water without the after taste of chemicals? In some places around the world, the water tastes different than it does in other places, but a water filter dispenser can help remove the after taste from the water and you can enjoy a cold glass of pure filtered water.

The best places to get these water filter dispensers are from Brita and PUR. They are the most well known water filtration companies in the world. They sell so many great filtration products that you could spend a while looking for the perfect water filter dispenser. You can find these dispensers in stores like Macy’s, JC Penny’s, Target, K-Mart and Wal-Mart.

Don’t be put off by the price of the dispensers; it is worth the price to pay for clean, healthy water. You can use the filtered water for cooking too. These water filter dispensers are a great investment and worth every penny. You may need to replace the filter every couple of months and they can be a bit pricey but again well worth the money.

Shop around; you can get some great deals if you shop online. Check out your local Home Depot and Lowe’s stores they may have them in the water filtration sections. Is it worth getting sick over a couple of dollars? With a water filtration dispenser you can’t go wrong.

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