Water Dispensers

Water dispensers are devices that supply water in a more convenient way than a faucet. The drinking water fountain is a type of dispenser and so is the water cooler found in many workplaces. Most dispensers have storage space for plastic cups and other items, and some also have refrigeration units that cools the water to improve its taste. While most dispensers work well, there are some problem areas that buyers should be aware of before deciding which one to get.

Water dispensers are regarded as essential in many workplaces as they free employees from having to leave their work area to get a drink. Most large workplaces have their kitchen and break rooms well away from the work areas, so fetching a drink involves a long walk and a large amount of unproductive time. Having water dispensers in the work area also frees employees from bringing soft drinks or expensive bottled water with them to work.

The water fountain is a type of water dispenser that everyone would be familiar with from their school days. A regular faucet points downwards, making it difficult to drink the water without a cup, while the water fountain points upwards. This is a more convenient way of drinking than using a faucet. The tap is also spring loaded so that it shuts off when release. Standalone water fountains are also available that have a small sink connected to a drain.

The water cooler is another type of water dispenser that is commonly found in offices. It is essentially a water tower with a refrigeration unit that cools the water almost to its freezing point. Cold water is preferred by many people because the taste of room temperature water is less noticeable. While it does not require a water supply connection, it does need to be close to a powerpoint for the refrigerator to operate. However, it can still be used as a plain water tower without the refrigerator operating.

Water dispensers can be purchased or hired when signing up for water bottle delivery. There are many supply companies that deliver full bottles on a regular basis and take away empty bottles. However, the task of changing the bottles is usually left to those who use the dispenser. The large bottles are very heavy and two people are usually required to lift one up and put it into the dispenser. Some dispensers have a metal spike in the reservoir that pierces the plastic cap on the bottle and allows the water to flow into it. This helps prevent spills when the bottle is turned upside down.

Some water dispensers have been known to give the water an unpleasant taste and odor. This is most likely due to the type of plastic used to make the parts that come into contact with the water. For this reason, the best dispenser to choose is one that uses stainless steel for its taps, pipes and reservoir. The water is in contact with reservoir for much longer than the pipes and taps, so it is more important to have a stainless steel reservoir. The other parts can be made of plastic without them changing the taste of the water too much.

Installing water dispensers in the office is a great way to boost employee morale and reduce the time they spend away from their work areas. Dispensers also improve communication between employees by creating a gathering point, and this is often called the water cooler effect. Dispensers are inexpensive and they can be moved around easily. However, a dispenser can create a minor flood if it is knocked over, so they should not be placed where people have to move around them.

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