Water Dispenser with Fridge

The water dispenser with fridge is an improved version of the common water dispenser that is found in nearly every office. The manufacturers have added a fridge compartment at the base where there is normally empty space. This allows drink cans and wine bottles to be kept cool without the need for a bar fridge. It is also a great place for storing lunches, birthday cakes, chocolates and other items that are found in an office bar fridge.

When a water dispenser is added to an office it quickly becomes a gathering point, and this is so common that it is called the water cooler effect. It improves communication and employee morale, and reducing time spent away from the desk. Having a water dispenser with fridge compartment increases this effect by making it more convenient to use than the office kitchen or break room.

The water dispenser with fridge has a large plastic bottle on top that flows into a reservoir below it. This reservoir is connected to the taps on the front, which either have a push button or lever that opens the valve. Some dispensers cool the entire reservoir with a refrigeration unit, while others use a split reservoir that has one half cooled and the other half left at room temperature. This type of dispenser has a tap for plain water and one for cold water.

The fridge compartment is about half the size of a typical bar fridge and has the water dispenser above it. The only problem with this arrangement is that some people experience difficulty bending down that far to remove items from the fridge. About a dozen drink cans can be stored on the wire shelves, or the shelves can be removed to store a few wine bottles. Auto-defrost is a standard feature on most models, but these small fridges do not have much ice buildup anyway.

When choosing a water dispenser with fridge, look for features such as two thermostats, fridge light, night light and child lock. Two thermostats are useful because it allows both the drinking water and fridge to have different temperature. Most people prefer cold water because it tastes better that water at room temperature, but some people experience tooth pain when it is too cold. A fridge light and night light are good to have but not essential. A child lock is also good to have, especially if alcohol is being stored in the fridge.

A water dispenser with fridge cost more to run that one without a fridge, and has a running cost of about twenty dollar per year. However, they can save money by removing the need to have a bar fridge in the kitchen. They can also save money by reducing the time employees spend away from their work areas fetching drinks, not to mention the benefits that flow from improving employee morale and communication. If the fridge is not needed, it can be turned off to save money and the water dispenser will still function as normal.

Water bottles are required to use the water dispenser and the cost of hiring these should be taken into account. There are many companies that supply full bottles and remove the empty ones, and most can also arrange the hire of a water dispenser with fridge. Changing the bottles is a task that often has to be done by those who use the dispenser, and it usually takes two people to lift the heavy bottles into the dispenser. Most models have a spike which pierces the plastic cap on the bottle when it is inserted, reducing the risk of spillage.

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