Watch Recorder

A watch recorder is a very cool multifunctional gadget. While a watch recorder may not compared to a watch phone, it has a lot of useful features. In comparison to a watch phone, the watch recorder is much more affordable and can be a cool toy for people with a small budget.

This is not just a watch, and this is not just a sound recorder. The watch recorder is packaged under a somewhat irrelevant name. While the device does work as a recorder, it is not the main feature that gets people interested. The main feature offered with watch recorders would be the built-in MP3 player. The device has an almost nine hour playback ability and you can play anything in MP3 file format.

Cool Design
There is no denying that the watch recorder consists of an impressive design. Just the fact that the device has a MP3 player in it alone is very impressive. The watch is no bigger than any watch would be and it fits just as comfortably as a normal watch would. Just hook up some earphones and you will be able to listen music from your watch instantly.

Storage Capacity
You may be able to find a watch recorder or MP3 watch that has a larger memory space but most watch recorders have a relatively small storage capacity. Usually the device will have an internal 256MB flash drive. This is still more than enough space for you to store all your favorites songs and not get bored listening to them. You can save roughly four hours of music on a watch recorder with 256MB of memory.

Transferring Files
The watch recorder is connected to your computer via USB cables. Once this is done you can easily transfer music to the device. Make sure you are just transferring MP3 formatted files as this is the format used with the watch recorder. If you have audio in a different format then try to get it converted.

Charging Battery
The battery in the watch recorder can be recharged via USB or AC adapter. Fully recharging the battery will not take too long. A full charge will last for quite a while but the exact battery life details will vary by design. Also, the watch (time keeper) has a separate battery that will remain in use when the rechargeable battery is dead. Keep in mind that the other battery is just used for the watch to keep showing you what time it is.

Recording Audio
The watch recorder also includes a microphone which allows you to record audio. Obviously the quality of the recording will not be phenomenal but it will be audible. If you have to record an important message, contact information, or whatever it may be, the watch recorder could come in handy. This device could be used in a number of situations where you may not have a pen or paper on hand. The audio recorder is a cool feature to play around with as well.

The main reason why a watch recorder is so beneficial is that it is extremely compact. You will not even notice you are wearing it as you are probably already accustomed to wearing watches. The actual design of the watch is appealing and not an eye sore either. If you have any worries of it looking like a tacky gadget, this will not be an issue. A watch recorder can easily pass as a normal watch and no one would expect it is concealing a MP3 player.

There are many circumstances where a watch recorder could be beneficial. Whether you are at a business meeting, doing undercover investigation work, or even taking notes in school. If you are looking for a gadget that can work as a watch, audio recorder, and MP3 player all together, then look no further. You can easily find a watch recorder for no more than $200 from an online store, an easily affordable price for such a cool toy.

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