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In today’s world, technology has become so advanced that a typical wristband watch has become dull, boring, and undesirable. There is an increased need of improving even the most basic products such as a watch, and involving advanced technology is a great way of doing so. For a very long time watches have offered various features such as a timer or alarm clock option. However, it was not until recent that you could get watches that allowed you to listen to MP3 files through headphones, make and receive phone calls, and even browse the Internet.

As amazing as it is that you could actually go online with your watch, we are going to focus primarily on the watch phone, which is pretty amazing as well. A watch phone allows you to make and receive phone calls just like a normal cell phone does. Obviously there will be both some positives and negatives to buying one of these, especially with them still being relatively new at this point.

What Can You Do With Watch Phones?
The beauty of these phones is that they are fully operational as both a watch and a cell phone. Just take a look at the LG GD910 watch phone and you will see what we mean. That particular model offers 3G connectivity, 2GB built-in memory, and has a large touch screen as well.

The specific features will vary by model but generally you are not limited as to what you can do in comparison with a regular cell phone. The main difference between a watch phone and a cell phone would obviously be the physical characteristics, and of course the coolness factor.

Are They Worth Buying?

As cool of a toy as it is though, you still have to consider whether it is really worth buying. If you have loads of money that you wish to throw away on cool gadgets, then by all means there should be nothing stopping you. However, high quality watch phones can be rather expensive, with price tags regularly above $500 and even in some cases passing $1,000.

If you are going to buy a watch phone though you will want to make sure you take time in finding the best model available within your budget. If you have a decent sized budget for a watch phone then you should be able to find something that fits your interest. However, if you are limited in choices then you may end up with a design that you might not enjoy as much as you would like. Also, when researching various models of watch phones you should look at the pros and cons of each and use that information when making an informed decision on what model to purchase.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Watch Phones?

There is no hiding the fact that the main benefit of owning a watch phone is that they are extremely appealing and flashy. However, you will have to determine if the pros outweigh the cons as most watch phones have quite a few disadvantages. Of course, it could just be a matter of time before the design is perfected, but it could also be the fact that a watch and phone is just not a good combination.

The first issue that many people have is the sizing of the watch. The idea behind a watch is that you can just wrap it on your wrist and you have the time with you wherever you go. This used to be a convenient and compact product, but now with a watch phone it may be less convenient due to the poor sizing.

While watch phones are designed with the sizing in mind, it is still difficult to get the perfect sizing as everyone’s wrists are different. Since the cell phone part of the design requires more space than the actual watch would, it could be uncomfortable to wear. If you have small wrists then the watch phone could be too large and bulk to find enjoyable to wear.

You may also want to factor in the sizing of the keys as well. If the keys are extremely small, and in most cases they are, it will be very difficult to use the keyboard feature. This will limit your text messaging capabilities quite a bit and could be a deciding factor in whether to buy a watch phone or not.

In the end though, it all comes down to whether you have the money to spend on some cool toys or not. If you are just looking for an affordable cell phone and have an interest in watch phones due to the appeal they offer, it is not worth the investment. A watch phone will never be a full-time cell phone as they are not nearly as convenient to use as a real cell phone is.

If you want to own one just to be able to say that you do though, then go for it. You should take advantage of the information on each model that is available though and shop around for the best one in your budget and not just make a blind purchase.

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