Washer/Dryer Combo

The washing machine and dryer have become an important part of almost every household. They help busy homemakers a lot who cannot focus on the laundry all of the time. With them around, they can do their other household chores while allowing the two machines take care of those soiled clothes. Now, it would certainly be nice to hear that washing machine and dryer were combined into one. Here is to present to you the washer dryer combo.

Since the time that the washer dryer combo has been introduced to the public, a lot of people became interested in owning a machine like it. Unlike the common washing machine and dryer that has two different chambers, one for washing the clothes and one for drying, with a washer dryer combo, you can do the washing and the drying in only one chamber.

One of the big differences that it has from its counterparts is that it is much cheaper. This is why many household owners who need to buy new washing machines chose to get this product instead. In fact, due to the increasing demands for washer dryer combos, various stores in the market were flooded with numerous of brands and designs of the said machine. Even online marketers became interested in the product and started selling different models online, making it easier for you to purchase your own washer dryer combo even from the convenience of your home. Purchasing the product online can save you from street hassles that you will likely encounter if you will go to a store that sells it.

If you are planning to buy the product, make sure that the store where you will buy it from is reliable. Purchasing it usually comes with a warranty which will enable you to have it replaced if in case you will accidentally get something with a defect. Before actually buying the product, make sure that you understood all the return policies, as well as the after sales services.

A washer/dryer combo is an energy-saving appliance. You will be surprised at how your electricity bill will reduce once you start using it compared to conventional washing machines and dryers. Some people may still not be aware about the existence of a washer dryer combo. Of course, it also has its share of disadvantages like every product does. Therefore, it is advisable to ask the dealer to explain its pros and cons to you before you settle down for any brand.

One of the most common disadvantages of this machine is that it can only handle a small load of laundry at a time. The dryer is only capable of drying half of the full load, which means you will have to remove half of the laundry and return it after you’re done in drying the previous batch. In spite of these things, the washer dryer combo is still a technological breakthrough. It will be like washing your clothes and picking them up from the machine already clean and dry.

The washer dryer combo is rated by the Energy Star because it requires less use of water and electricity. Moreover, it dries clothes more efficiently and faster compared to a standard dryer. You will not have to worry if the clothes are still damp upon taking them out. They will really be dry.

With regards to storage, the washer dryer combo is easy to store. Most models have wheels; therefore, moving it from one place to another is not going to take too much of your effort and time. It will only occupy a small space as well.

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  1. GeorgeK says:

    I just replaced my old washing machine and was looking for an energy efficient alternative. After a bit of research I came across these washer dryer combo units and finally decided to get the LG WM3988HWA all-in-one combo. Well, if I had read about the upcoming “cash for appliances” program before I could have saved some bucks :-).

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